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Manslaughter, Murder, and Self-Defense (Essay Sample)

In essay format, write a brief 350- 1000 word summary describing the difference between the legal terms of manslaughter, murder, and self-defense. Address the issues of intent and puishment. source..

Murder, manslaughter, and self defense are terms which challenge people while it comes to their descriptions. Though they have different meaning, they have legal terms which describe them well and one can be in a point to differentiate them. For example murder and manslaughter are known to be the two main offences that comprise homicide (Hall, 2003). Though they both have the impact of causing homicide, manslaughter can be dedicated in three ways.
Any demeanor that was grossly neglectful given the risk of death when thee was no intent to cause the death. This therefore defines manslaughter as a term which is considered by law as less liable than murder. As mention earlier, manslaughter is divided into two divergent categories. One, there is voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. When it comes to voluntary manslaughter, this occurs when there is hatred aforethought. In this case, one thinks of intention to kill or cause a serious impairment. In other words, it can be described as a homicide which happens when defendant had an intention of causing serious bodily harm. When it comes to involuntary manslaughter, this can be described as unlawful killing of human being without hatred aforethought. Absence of intention makes it possible to be distinguished from voluntary manslaughter (Hall, 2003).
Murder on the other hand is where one person kills another with wickedness aforethought. It can also be described as an intention crime that causes death without legal excuse or justification. Murder and criminal homicide suites n the same category and they are believed to be the most complex in any given criminal law....
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