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Major Case: Drugs (Essay Sample)


Select one of the "Major Cases" from the DEA Web site and provide a review of that specific case. You will describe the law enforcement operations, enforcement strategies, subsequent prosecution of the case, etc. Also, you will relate the reported or projected impact of the case on drug supply reduction in the targeted jurisdiction. Supplemental research on this case is encouraged. This paper must be from three to five full pages of text, not including the cover page or references page.


The drug enforcement administration, commonly referred by its abbreviation as the DEA, is the main agency tasked with coordinating and carrying out investigation on illegal drugs and controlled substances across the state (, 2015). Under the federal law, the DEA has the mandate to follow up cases that relate to drug use and trafficking within the boarder and across the borders of the united states if need be. Over the years the agency has worked with other agencies such as the Federal Bureau of Investigations to bring criminals to justice, especially with reference to drug use, possession, manufacturing or distribution (Pilkington, 2012). As part of enforcing the Controlled Substances Act, the agency has been trailing doctors and other criminals who have been selling pain killers across the states. Addiction to pain killers has turned into an epidemic with worrying trends among the youths and prisoners. One of the states that have been heavily affected is Florida. In one of the major operations, the DEA brought down a ring of criminals that were distributing these prescription drugs in South Florida (, 2015).
Operation pill nation was one of the major busts in 2011, where the agency nabbed 22 criminals and seized more than $2.2 million dollars in cash (, 2015). At the same time the agency was able to seize more than 70 cars among them exotic brands. The agency was not working alone as they had assistance from the local law enforcement partners, state and federal agencies. In the February 23rd operation, the agency with the help of other local, state and federal agencies had previously laid out undercover agents in the suspected areas. More than 340 undercover buys were made. In the operation, more than 60 doctors involved in the manufacture or distribution of the drugs were arrested from more than forty locations where the merchandise was found. Some of the doctors arrested, were planning to dispense more than 660000 dosage units. The dosages that are believed to have been of the schedule II narcotic oxycodone, would have distributed in Florida and it environs.
According to one of DEA administrators, Michele M. Leonhart, Florida is now labeled as ‘ground zero' of the fight against prescription drugs abuse. Most of the people distributing the drugs are rogue doctors and they stand the risk of violating their oath and endangering the community (, 2015). According to the agent, the agency is working hard to ensure they put up a relentless fight against the rogue peddlers masquerading as genuine doctor and bring the society back to state of safe...
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