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Issues with Sentencing, Post-Conviction Relief, and Due Process Essay (Essay Sample)


For this assignment, you will explore due process, post-conviction review (relief), and sentencing as they relate to a specific court case you research. This assignment will introduce you to a few issues those in the criminal justice field face. You may be called on to consider these issues too if you pursue a career in criminal justice.

Conduct an internet search for a current example of a case to use for this assignment.

Imagine you are a judicial assistant for a superior court judge. As an alumnus, you’ve been asked by your university to write a paper for the criminal justice department’s journal, read by students and alumni, based on a court case you’ve observed as part of your job.

Write 700- to 1,050-word paper for the journal and address the following:

Crime Model
Was the crime control or due process model of punishment used in the case? Do you agree with it? Explain your answer.
What are some of the issues related to due process?
What was the sentence given in the trial? What are the sentencing guidelines for the crime committed in the trial (refer to the sentencing guidelines of the state the trial was held)?
What are some of the issues related to sentencing? Were there any issues raised in this case? Ifso, what were they? If not, in your opinion could any issues have been raised?
Post-Conviction Relief
Was there an appeal or post-conviction relief (review)? What is the law in the state of the trial for post-conviction relief (review)?
Differentiate post-conviction relief (review) and appeal. Compare post-conviction relief(review) to the Innocence Protection Act of 2004.

Cite a minimum of 3 sources.
Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


Issues with Sentencing, Post-Conviction Relief, and Due Process
Student’s Name
Issues with Sentencing, Post-Conviction Relief, and Due Process
The criminal justice field is responsible for punishing offenders to protect the public and ensuring that individual rights are not infringed upon. Some of the issues involved in this field relate to sentencing post-conviction relief and due process. This paper aims to discuss these issues concerning a recent court case United States v. Francesco Guerra, Docket Number: 15-cr-20471 (S.D. Fla.). This case is about a Peruvian man who was sentenced to 90 months’ imprisonment for managing a call center that defrauded elderly American citizens (U.S. Department of Justice, n.d.a). 

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