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Involvement of US in Afghanistan and Iraq (Essay Sample)


Recently, a number of experts in the field from the European Union and the United States have been called together to discuss the involvement of the U.S. in Afghanistan and Iraq. Of Particular concern is the fact that other Middle Eastern nations are becoming increasingly disgruntled with the continued U.S. involvement in the region. The specific concern is that organizations like Hamas may be gaining support in their notion of having a united Arabic nation under the blanket rule of Islam. While nobody genuinely fears that the Middle East will become one centralized nation, there is great concern that Hamas may have enough support to upset the current power structure.
As the sole democratically elected terrorist group in this region, Hamas is truly unique in the Islamic World. What is the likelihood of Hamas being able to rally collective support against the U.S. in the greater Middle East?


Involvement of US in Afghanistan and Iraq
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As it is widely known, Hamas has gained acceptance as the ‘legal' terrorist group in the Middle East. A Sen (2015)points out; the involvement of the US experts in Afghanistan and Iraq have been of great concern to many Middle Eat nations especially in regard Hamas achieving a united Arabic nation. The continued involvement of the US (and other experts from the European Union) has continued to raise questions on the ability of Hamas being able to gain collective support against US in the Middle East. It is crucial to note that the concern is not just because of the involvement of the US as an entity country, but the attention is on the ability of Hamas itself in achieving the stipulated goal of a united Arabic nation under the umbrella of Islam.
Of other great concern is the hidden essence of the struggle of the Hamas in relation to the involvement of the US. This point is in line with achievement of higher political powers in as far as the universe is concerned. Byman (2013) notes that; despite the arguments that the Hamas is likely to rally collective support against US in the Middle East, there are also concerns that this may be a difficult achievement to arrive at, and it may not be possible even in the long run for the Hamas to be able to rally collective sup...
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