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Facial Recognition and Human Trafficking Law Essay (Essay Sample)


Assume that you have been assigned to assist a European country with addressing a legitimate concern that traffickers are forcing 16 year old girls to cross the border several times a week so they can be forced into sexual exploitation in a brothel on the other side of the border. The victims cross unaccompanied and always carry false and frequently changing identification documents. They want to be able to identify the same girl crossing the border on numerous occasions using different identification papers. Further, if the girl becomes a victim of a violent crime they want to be able to use the collected biometric data to help identify her remains.
Address all relevant issues regarding the collection, storage, and use of the biometric data.
The paper is to be between 2-3 pages in length, utilizing font 12 and double spaced. This assignment is to be submitted through Turnitin. If you use outside sources, please make sure to cite your source.


Facial Recognition and Human Trafficking
Student’s Name
Facial Recognition and Human Trafficking
One of the main challenges facing Europe and the world, in general, is human trafficking. Girls as young as sixteen are trafficked across borders and forced into sexual exploitation in brothels in the destination countries. As technology advances, authorities in Europe can make use of facial recognition tools to combat the crime. Given that the victims of the crime usually carry false and constantly changing identification documents, face recognition technology offers a solution that can help track the girls as they cross borders and also identify their remains in the unfortunate event that they become victims of violent crimes.
The ability of criminals to successfully carry out human trafficking depends significantly on how they mask the identity of the victims. For the victims to reach their destinations successfully, they have to undergo numerous changes in identity as they try to escape authorities (Zivo, 2019). This means that the documents carried

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