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Employment and Labor Relations (Essay Sample)

Create 3 fictional scenarios in which an employer would have to deal with any of the following situations of employee poor behavior on the job, Substance Abuse, Sexual Harassment, Fighting, Work Family Conflicts, or Email (or Internet) abuse. In doing so, for each case, give details of the type of employer, the history or the worker at that company, the incident which arose, why it was a clear violation of employer policy, what would be the likely result of arbitration of this issue if the employee acknowledged his wrong doing but asked to keep his job. Explain the reasoning for your considered outcome. 

Remember, this is fictional. Create a believable situation, but know that you can have whatever outcome you choose! You may present this as a paper in standard (times new roman, 12 pt. font) format or you may create a powerpoint. 
 This is college level paper, not a homework assignment. It should be thorough and extremely well written. It should also be fun. source..
Running Head: EMPLOYMENT AND LABOR RELATIONS Employment and Labor Relations [Student Name] [Course Title] [Instructor Name] [Date] Scenario 1 Employee: Jim Employee Position: Teller at a Reputed Bank Problem: Substance Abuse Jim, who has been a good employee for the past year and a half, has been having trouble performing his daily tasks. Initially, he was having trouble counting the money and even made a number of wrong deposits. This caused both, the bank and the customer, much trouble. Knowing it was his fault Jim apologized, and assured he will be more careful next time. However, even though he has not made any more mistakes like that, he has now having trouble with other employees. He has had three arguments with different colleagues in the past two months. Other employees are now complaining of his short-temperedness. Jim has also been coming late to work and leaving early. It has recently come to the attention of the management that Jim has developed a drinking problem in the past four months, which is now getting severe. Jim has been a very productive employee in the past and the company does not wish to fire him. The management has called Jim to talk about this problem. If Jim admits having a drinking problem and accepts the inappropriateness of his behavior, he will be provided professional help to get rid of this help. He will be encouraged to see the company counselor on weekly basis and join support group. If he ...
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