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Emotions in Political Essay. Voters and Politicians. Law Assignment. (Essay Sample)


In this paper, you will write about how we can apply what we learned in class to better understand how voters and politicians
form beliefs, make judgments, make decisions and persuade others to take a specific position. More specifically, I am looking for you
to utilize what we learned in class to better understand a specific topic relevant to modern-day politics.


Emotions in Political
Emotions in Political
Both voters and politicians contribute significantly towards the choice of candidates during elections. In modern-day politics, manipulation of emotions has been actively incorporated in politics. Furthermore, emotions have significance in the deviations of thoughts and decision-making among voters and politicians. Emotional appeals in political campaigns are employed to mobilize support for a candidate or mitigate support for an opponent. Political campaigns aimed at instilling enthusiasm and hopefulness about the candidate being supported. Furthermore, these campaigns focus on Evoking fear and anxiety about the opponent. These political campaigns focus on the individual candidate's desire and a general objective to improve voters' political participation. Both voters and politicians participate in emotional persuasion. Emotional persuasion could either be intended by voters and politicians or happen naturally. Politicians employ several strategies that help form beliefs, influence judgment, and voter decisions. Some of these strategies include Ads, speeches, images, and leverage music. These strategies impact the behavior of voters towards politicians. Emotions are evoked when the brain develops a perception of an object and interprets its significance. Therefore emotions are responses to the predetermined importance of circumstances. However, emotions might be negative or positive and have variable impacts. Emotions such as anxiety, anger, and enthusiasm are essential in improving decision-making. Politicians also depend on their observation of emotions invoked in voters to help them make decisions. In light of these ideas, the paper focuses on political advertisements that evoke emotions and the dual emotion process model.
The essence of political campaigns by various political parties is to persuade voters. Various election parties maximize their chances of winning through the construction of elaborate campaigns by investing numerous resources. Different election parties use various advertisement strategies to mobilize voters. During the election period, both positive and negative Ads are used by the election parties. Through political campaign adverts, politicians prey on the hopes and fears of the people through emotional appeal. 

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