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The Criminological Theory and Courts Law Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Select 3 of the sentencing options. For reference, the sentencing options fall into the following categories: Retribution, Rehabilitation, Incapacitation, Deterrence, and Restoration.
Find a real case representing your selected sentencing options, and provide a summary of each case.
Analyze the real case, explaining how theory can help improve the sentencing option.
For example, if you know that swift and certain sentencing policies may reduce recidivism, how does theory help explain their success? Additionally, if you know that community notification for sex offenders appears to increase recidivism, how does theory explain the increase?
Summarize the benefits and consequences (both intended and unintended) of your selected sentencing options.


Criminological Theory and Courts
Student’s Name
Criminological Theory and Courts
There exist five sentencing options that are used by courts to punish offenders: restoration, rehabilitation, deterrence, incapacitation, and retribution. These purposes highlight the role of courts in administering justice. This paper examines three sentencing options; incapacitation, retribution, and rehabilitation. Real case examples of each sentencing option and how it can be improved by theory are examined.
Incapacitation sentencing option aims to prevent a crime from being committed in the future by physically removing offenders from society. A key underlying logic in this sentencing option is that there are certain criminally inclined people who cannot be rehabilitated or deterred (Lippman, 2019). A case example is United States v. Burke and Rossi. In this case, Michael Rossi was on June 25, 2018, imprisoned for sixty-three months as well as three additional years of supervised release (The United States Department of Justice, n.d.). This was after he participated in a scheme that defrauded thousands of victims, the majority of whom were elderly. In this case, the victims were defrauded over $2.7 million as they were told by the offender that they had won boats, cars, and other prizes and in order to claim them, they had to buy vitamins worth hundreds of dollars. The defendant pleaded guilty to conspiracy to defraud. Glen Burke, another defendant, in the case, also pleaded guilty and received a sentence of eighty-seven behind bars as well as supervised release of three years.

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