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Corruption by Correctional Personnel (Essay Sample)


The article review paper will account for 12.5% of your final grade and is an analysis of RECENT articles (within the last TWO months) found in local, national, or international publications (newspaper, magazine, internet news). The article MUST be related to corruption by correctional personnel. This assignment is designed to demonstrate your knowledge of the material and your ability to analyze (examine) current events and synthesize (integrate) what you have learned to today's correctional issues.
Research Paper Assignment: 
Write a 750 Word APA Style paper (not counting the cover and reference page) discussing your selected article and the underlying issues as they relate to the concepts studied in class this week.
Summarize the article
Identify the underlining issues related to the corruption found in your article
Analyze how your article relates to the concepts discussed throughout the course.
Develop a course of action to address the issue of corruption identified in your article.
Support your argument. You may supplement your position with additional sources as needed; however, the focus must be on your selected article.


Corruption by Correctional Personnel
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Corruption is described as the abuse of entrusted power for private gain (Mays & L Thomas Winfree, 2009). Corruption can be classified as grand, petty and political; this classification is reached depending on the volume of money lost and the sector where it occurs. Grand corruption is characterized by distorted national policies, high-rank government and organizational officials at the expense of public good. Petty corruption where corruption by correctional personnel falls is the most prevalent, low and midlevel public officials abuse entrusted power in their interactions with ordinary citizens , who often are trying to access essential goods or services in places such as hospitals, schools and police departments.
Prisons are the sort of environment where corruption would readily develop. According to a study conducted in 2010, the starting salary of a state correctional officer was $ 22,006 a year. The same survey showed that car cleaners earned $ 22,620, food processing workers earned $ 24,440 and Janitors $ 24,850. This shows that correctional officers are poorly motivated and this makes it easier for some officers to succumb to temptations when money is thrown at them. The people in prison are not a homogenous group; this helps them recognize the uniquely difficult and complex environment in prisons. Most prisons have insufficient health systems to cater for those with mental health problems; this means that the medicines needed by the sick individuals are scarce, and this provides an avenue for some correctional officers to exploit for personal gain by selling these drugs. Others have been convicted because of drug and alcohol problems hence they are always in dire need of drugs this certainly forms a ready market. Nevertheless, it’s a toxic combination where crime and corruption is a fact of life and an environment often under severe financial and structural pressure (Mays & L Thomas Winfree, 2009).
Most correctional personnel are carefully recruited, well-trained and professionally led. However, there is a rebel group where these corrupt correctional officers fall. The success of correctional institutions primarily depends on the interaction of these two groups of people. The bedrock of reform and humane systems is staff-prisoner relationships. Only after getting this relationship right will the right policies be implemented and eventually practice and service delivery will improve.
Corruption is bound to occur where the staff-prisoner relationships are inappropriate, and it is im...
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