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Conduct An Patent Infringement Analysis (Essay Sample)


Assignment 1: Conduct an Infringement Analysis

Patent infringement can cost companies millions of dollars in lawsuits and fees. Understanding if an invention infringes upon your patent is important for deciding if taking legal action against the infringing party is necessary. If a competitive company was interested in making an invention to do or solve the same problem as your invention, would it be possible without infringing on your patent? In a few paragraphs (300-400 words), describe how different another company would have to make their product in order to meet the same need as your invention. In our example invention of a bracelet that vibrates when cookies are perfectly cooked, a competitive company may have had to go as far as to make a belt or a ring that vibrates when cookies are perfectly cooked or indicate in a different way than vibrating if the mechanism itself is covered in the patent. Remember their invention cannot infringe your patent or any other prior art you have submitted.

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Patent Claim:
An emergency tag for chronically-ill patients, said accessory comprising (a) a central component, (b) front label side, (c) back label side, (d) a compartment; and (e) a hole for hanging
While the design of the tag from another company must not carry the same exact features, the most important non-infringing component consists of:
Product 1: A first aid prompt tag offers innovative alert system. The specialty of this alert system comes in the audio form of alarm button that goes off with one press or two presses. Accompanying this alarm button would be a rechargeable, replaceable, or solar-powered battery located at the base of the central component, atop the compartment, front label side, back label side, a separate compartment, or at a separate chain, which is either attached or hanging. The alarm button must be in red color and comes in a size easily accessible and distinguishable by the patient, particularly during sudden attacks. The alarm sound comes in adjustable volume control, and adjustable sound variation. The alarm sound variation differs on the severity of the situation, particularly when the patient is alone. With the presence of alarm button, the cha

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