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Analysis of Bushey K.T Command Leadership (Essay Sample)

Read the attach handout booklet. Describe your thoughts and analysis of the handout. source..
Command Leadership
Analysis of Bushey K.T "Command Leadership"
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Analysis of Bushey K.T "Command Leadership"
Although many people may find it hard to differentiate between a manager and a leader, the booklet on command leadership provides a green light on what the really difference is. According to this booklet, a manager and a leader are never similar, and there are many differences pertaining to the same. Good leadership skills require experience in matters pertaining to an individual or organization as well as the acceptance of constructive ideas from others. The book`s main preposition is assisting leaders in realizing and addressing both organizational and individual challenges. Additionally, the booklet tries to remind the leaders that, though they may perceive themselves as experienced or learned they also need other people for their own development.
In this booklet, Bushey objects to the popular assumption that ethics is the chief factor facing the American policing. He instead postulates that the main reason for this incompetency is the lack of enough leadership skills on the majority of police chiefs across US. There is a need according to Bushey, for continuous training among leaders. He points out that poor leadership has an influence on the workplace and management of an organization.
The book is however is not only concerned with matters relating to leadership only but also how the subordinate staff should deal with their bosses. The chapter on "dealing with your boss" tackles this aspect. The relationship established between the workers and the leader influences greatly the ability of the leader to lead. The booklet`s enclosure on the "Unproductive Police Chief" is also an important section, which could help the top leaders in articulating and realizing the troubling characters of an individual in a leadership position who is not effective. Another enclosure titled the "chiefs letter on ethics" is also informative on those leaders who need a comprehensive program with regard to command leadership.
Content Analysis
The booklet has a total of 9 chapters excluding enclosures. These chapters are arranged in this order: the organization culture and your mindset, Organizational awareness and internal communication, addressing behaviors, your role as a mentor, trainer and coach, Specific leadership actions, writing skills, correspondence, and notes, assuming command or new assignment, dealing with your boss and final thoughts.
With regard to the organizational culture and your mindset, Bushley reiterates that the performance of an organization is strongly correlated with the skills of the leader. He articulates that firm leaders provide a firm guidance and influence their subordinates to follow the same principles. Effective leaders can make their subordinates develop positive attributes towards themselves...
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