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Abraham Lincoln: Research and Discuss all Strategies (Essay Sample)


Please watch the movie Lincoln. Answer the following questions. 
1) Why was Lincoln adamant about abolishing slavery?
2) Discuss the strategies that Lincoln and his cabinet used to get individuals to vote in favor of the 13th amendment.
3) Do you believe it was acceptable for Lincoln to use these tactics in order to get this amendment ratified? Explain.


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Question 1
Abraham Lincoln had clear grounds as to why slavery ought to be abolished. First, Lincoln was brought up from a poor family and therefore was never a master of slavery in the first place. His father hated slavery. Lincoln was also influenced by the family politics which discouraged slavery (VOA NEWS, 2014). His stand was further strengthened by the act of slavery supporters who destroyed properties owned by anti-slavery supporters such as Rev. Elijah whose press was destroyed and murdered. Second, Lincoln believed that free men would be more productive than the slaves and therefore slaves should be freed so that they can be more productive (VOA NEWS, 2014). Third, Lincoln was against slavery because of how it tainted the picture of America as hypocritical in the lack of sincerity in anticipating for freedom of individuals and denied America a chance to lead the world by example. Lincoln argued that slavery was against the spirit of the Declaration of Independence (VOA NEWS, 2014). Lastly, Lincoln was a devotee to the Republican Party which believed in democracy holding the view that slavery was unethical and it ought to be abolished. Lincoln said that was not enslaved and he should not be a master of slavery.
Question 2
Lincoln was so determined to see that the 13th amendment was passed into law that he resorted to two major strategies; corruption and deception. He hired people to deceive the Democrats that they would be posted in political jobs on the condition that they voted in for the 13th Amendment (VOA NEWS, 2014). Democrats were given money alongside the promises to ensure that they voted for the Amendment. Lincoln actually bought votes for the passing of the bill.
In addition to corruption, Lincoln outrightly lied to the Democrats who were opposing the bill. Before elections, Jefferson Davis sent emissaries to Lincoln asking him to hold a discussion on a negotiated peace. Lincoln knew that in the process of discussion some of his members would get convinced to vote otherwise to the bill as may be influenced by the Democrats and that could lead to failure of the bill (VOA NEWS, 2014). Although he was aware of the peace delegation from Richmond, he decided to write a letter to Davis denying knowledge of such a peace delegation from Richmond.
Question 3
I believe that it was right for Lincoln to corrupt the Democrats and deceive them to support the passing of the bill. Basing on the intentions of Lincoln, it is clear that he was leading the nation towards the right track (VOA NEWS, 2014). He wanted to see a nation that was free of slavery, a nation that respected the rights of all the citizens. He wanted to...
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