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Routing Protocol Vulnerabilities (Essay Sample)


In Module Five, you were introduced to the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). You used RIP to allow networks to communicate through a router.
RIP is one of the interior routing protocols that can be used to open communications between networks, or it can be used to stop communication between devices that reside on the same or different networks. As with any routing protocol, RIP has benefits and drawbacks. As a security practitioner, you will be called upon to provide your unique viewpoint and expertise in weighing the factors related to connectivity, traffic flow, and security when selecting or implementing routing protocols.
For your initial post, address the following:
How does employing an adversarial mindset affect decisions to implement RIP in the network? Construct your answer using one of the six fundamental design principles identified below:
Separation of domains
Least privilege
Minimization of implementation
Identify at least one vulnerability that RIP introduces related to the fundamental design principle that you chose. For reference, refer to the CIA Triad and Fundamental Security Design Principles document.
In your responses to your peers, address the following:
If you were charged with designing a new network and introducing Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) instead of RIP, how would adopting OSPF affect the fundamental design principle your peer identified in their initial post? Consider addressing the effects on both security and network traffic in your reply.
To complete this assignment, review the Discussion Rubric document.


Routing Protocol Vulnerabilities
It is always wide spreading to compute for security weakness, this is because most of the computing products and the communication stages are developed to meet the performance and functionality requirements while it has no consideration of security. Vulnerabilities of the system are further increased in case of migration to interconnected and highly pervasive computers from traditional computers. one of the trending themes which riding the current security risks, threats and breaches is the ineffective attention that is paid to the secure design principles. There is no doubt that to have an application or software that strong in fighting against an attack it must be utilizing a secure des

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