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Examination of Rachels’ Account of the Value of Privacy IT Essay (Essay Sample)


Short Essay
You will be uploading your work to Blackboard so that your instructor can have it checked against web pages and databases of existing papers using SafeAssign. Your paper will then automatically become part of the local Trent database for future use.
Write a 3-4 page (12 pt font, double-spaced) paper on one of the following topic.
Explain in your own words Rachels description of the value of privacy. Provide your own strong argument either in support of, or opposing, Rachels account of the value of privacy.
This essay is worth 15% of course grade.
Learning outcome
To learn how to write clearly and succinctly
To think critically about arguments.
To be able to articulate your own arguments and ideas.
Submission Guidelines
You must use proper citation, but feel free to use whatever citation system you feel most comfortable with. (I realize that the APA guidelines suggest not putting page numbers if you're not quoting directly, but I would like you to include page references nonetheless.)
Name your document as follows: Lastname_Firstname
Submit your paper in Word (.doc or .docx) format or PDF format.
Include a word count on the front. Check the grading rubric.
You do not need to consult any secondary sources.
You can use 'I' in your paper.
Include a screencap of your completed Academic Integrity module on the first page.
NOTE: For every 100 words over the word limit, your essay grade will suffer a penalty of 5%. (1099 words means no penalty. 1100 words means 5% penalty.) Bibliography does not count.
See syllabus for due dates.
Any assignment submitted after this time and date will be considered late, and assigned a penalty of 2% per calendar day.
Assignments will not be accepted more than one week after the due date. Papers submitted more than one week after the due date will receive a grade of zero.
Because the class is so large, it is impossible to provide in-depth comments for all the papers in a timely fashion.
Instead, a grading rubric will be used to assess your paper. The grading rubric is available at the bottom of this page.
You will have an opportunity to discuss your paper with me or the other faculty members grading your paper.
Also, use the grading rubric to guide the writing of your own paper.



Grading Rubric Argumentation (40%) Understanding and exposition (40%) Organization (5%) Excellent Unsatisfactory Te main argument is highly original and very convincing. Te arguments are clear and detailed. Te paper considers relevant objections and successfully rebuts them. Te argument is insightful, and shows a new way of thinking about the topic. 40…………………………………………….0 Does not provide adequate support central claim, or does not present an argument at all. Te argument, if it exists, amounts to litle more than stating the author’s opinion. Excellent Unsatisfactory Shows subtle and sophisticated understanding of the views and arguments, conveys substantive comprehension. Gives an accurate and charitable interpretations of (at least) both sides of the issue, providing textual support where needed. Writen clearly and precisely, in your own words. Te paper shows a genuine and deep understanding of the issues over a merely superficial grasp. 40…………………………………………….0 It is difficult to follow; it is unclear or off topic. Its explanations of the view(s) are inaccurate, uncharitable, and fail to have adequate textual support. Doesn’t adequately explain key arguments or concepts. Excellent Unsatisfactory Introduction contains a clearly stated thesis and a brief description of the overall trajectory of of the paper. Introduction contains no unnecessary filler or detail, but does enough to motivate the paper. Conclusion summarizes the results, implications, and limitations of the the arguments in the paper. Has a clear and sensible organization. Te sentences are ordered well into paragraphs, and paragraphs are ordered well, such that it creates a cohesive whole that helps achieve the paper’s goals. 5…………………………………………….0 Fails to have an organizational plan or has one that is distracting and confusing, which detracts from the reader’s understanding. Writing style (5%) Grammar (5%) Citations (5%) Excellent Unsatisfactory Te writing is clear, easy to understand, while also sophisticated. It is precise, avoids ambiguities, and pleasurable to read. 5…………………………………………….0 Te writing is confusing, obfuscating, or pretentious. It detracts from the paper’s argument. Excellent Unsatisfactory Near perfect syntax, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Free from typos. 5…………………………………………….0 Many syntax and grammatical errors, and spelling and punctuation errors. Excellent Unsatisfactory Proper citation in APA, MLA, or Chicago style. Page numbers for each source. It is easy for reader to find the original passage from which an idea or quotation is sourced. 5…………………………………………….0 Improper citation. Makes it impossible to find the original source.


Examination of Rachels’ Account of the Value of Privacy
Examination of Rachels’ Account of the Value of Privacy
Part I: Summary of Rachels’ Description of the Values of Privacy
James Rachels’s work, “Why Privacy is Important” explains why privacy is important in maintaining different kinds of relationships with different people. He starts his explanation by agreeing with Thomas Scanlon that “the first element of a theory of privacy should be a characterization of the special interest we have in being able to be free from certain kinds of intrusions (p.323).” Rachel provides several examples in which personal interest can be harmed by disclosure of personal information. They include competitive situations, embarrassing situations, severe consequences after disclosure of medical information, and denial of credit based on information other than credit information (p.324). While he agrees with those facts, he argues that they do not sufficiently provide a comprehensive picture of the importance of privacy. His argument is based on the premise that the mentioned examples are limited to “unusual sorts of situations”, where a person has something to hide or where such information may harm the said person in some way (p.325). Thus, they do not provide a better understanding of the value of privacy when a person has nothing to hide or is not embarrassed by the said personal information.

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