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Investigate The Technologies Of E-Commerce IT-Organization (Essay Sample)


Option # 2: E-commerce has dramatically changed how business is conducted through the use of technology and improved business processes.  Investigate the technologies that help to build and maintain an E-commerce site and the implications that E-commerce has on an IT organization.  You may select a specific E-commerce site or a specific E-commerce market (e.g., travel, entertainment, clothing, food) to complete the assignment.


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As the world is moving towards a digital era, business organizations have been forced to conduct and offer their services through online platforms. The main drive behind this is the customer preference for companies that offer their services through platforms that the customers can easily and conveniently access. This shows that for a company to survive in the digital era, it has to go online where it can interact with the buyers or clients and conduct the business. One of the industries that have been pressured to provide its services online is the travel industry. Passengers want to book for their travel without having visited the travel agency headquarters so that as they reach the departure points their tickets and preparation for their flights have been processed as well as hotels to spend. For a business to conduct its business online, it needs a properly developed website. However, to build a good website could not be possible without some technologies required while developing a website. This paper discusses the most important technologies that are needed to develop and maintain a travel agency website such as extensible markup language, programming language, and Application programming interfaces. The paper shall also examine some of the implications that E-commerce may have on IT organization.
Extensible Markup Language (XML)
XML is a markup language that describes a set of rules for encoding documents in a layout that is readable by both human and machines. It is a means of typing messages and conveying information to remote computers and the two computers at both ends can communicate to one another (Huh, 2014). A website uses the XML to send messages to a customer's computer explaining the customer's queries (Huh, 2014). For example, when a customer who wants to travel makes an inquiry about the route and the fare from their computer, the website uses the XML to generate a response to the customer highlighting all the details pertaining to the customer's query including the price and other specifications (Huh, 2014). The customer will use the details in the response message to book a ticket, and the XML generates another message to the agency's computer conveying the customer details upon which the customer receives a flight id (Huh, 2014). XML is very useful to a travel website as it jumps up to its price and makes it a highly bookable website. XML enables the designers to develop modern travel websites which are flexible and with a customized look. They are also less complicated (Huh, 2014).
Programming Language
There are numerous programming languages as of the year 2015 being used by travel agencies in developing their travel websites (Ozaki & Vasconcellos, 2015). The commonly used ones are the JavaScript. JavaScript is the most popular programming language is developing and maintaining websites because of its ability to attain several things involved in website development such as editing content on a document, controlling a browser, accomplishing asynchronous communication and permitting client-side scripts to converse with users (Ozaki & Vasconcellos, 2015).
Programming languages have enabled the travel agencies to develop websites that can run on various platforms. Programming languages such as JavaScript can r...
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