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Information Technology: Electronic medical record (EMR) (Essay Sample)


Information Technologies Response Assignment Sheet
This assignment requires writing a short-answer response of 250-words following electronic research. Save this document in your local drive. Write your short-answer response directly in the saved document using Times New Roman font size 12. Submit the completed assignment via the classroom drop box to your instructor.
Electronic Research
Search the GCU eLibrary on the following topics:
a) Electronic medical record (EMR)
b) Electronic health records
c) Health information exchange (HIE)
d) Health care information system
e) Health care information requirements
Short-Answer Response
Certified Health IT Products
1) Find the Certified Health IT Product List (CHPL) on the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology Web site, located at https://chpl(dot)healthit(dot)gov/#/search
2) Under “Step 1: Select Your Practice Type,” select “Ambulatory Practice Type.”
3) Select “Browse All Ambulatory Products.”
4) Search three different products.
5) Go to the “Certification Criteria Detail View” for each product.
Answer the following questions:
· How might the CHPL be utilized by a health care informatics professional who is considering the purchase of an EHR for an ambulatory practice?
· What additional resources would you suggest?
In your answers, consider the following topics:
· Various components of information systems.
· Benefits and challenges of information systems in health care.
· Impending health care information requirements.
· Medical record systems that support new quality regulations.
· Opportunities and solutions provided by information systems in health care.
Write your response here in Times New Roman font size 12:


Information Technology
Author Name
University Name
How might the CHPL be utilized by a healthcare informatics professional who is considering the purchase of an EHR for an ambulatory practice?
In order to achieve success, a healthcare informatics professional should wisely utilize the certified EHR products. He can get in touch with plenty of electronic health record vendors whose products are certified and tested to fulfill the requirements of all healthcare professionals. For example, the 2014 and 2015 editions combine both inpatient and ambulatory products that he can access and get benefited from as per his requirements and job nature. If he has just started his EHR journey and wants to implement a well-versed system, then it would be great to go to the CHPL website and select the right kind of vendor as well as products. The best products he can consider are webinars, measure authoring tool (MIT) and HIT products. He may compare the prices of different products and research about a particular vendor before making the final decision. When it comes to buying an EHR for an ambulatory practice, the healthcare informatics professional should always check the specs of the product. He must be assured of the accuracy of the EHR item and decide whether it has come from a reputed vendor or not (Harms & Linton, 2015).
Regarding continuity of care, the CHPL website will definitely help him decide if the EHR product he has selected comes with a smooth, user-friendly interface or not. He should consider comparing the robustness of multiple EHR products and check their

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