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World Civilizations from 1600 Nationalism in Europe. History Essay (Essay Sample)


This is a topic question to complete the part B of my exam. You have to answer one of the seven questions. Questions are given below. please contact me if you have any question.


Exam II Week
Read  below  the instruction and study guide

Exam II Instructions and Study Guide


Essay Questions


You will be given a choice of essay questions from the following list. The essay will be written in class, and should be not less than three pages. 


1.Define Nationalism. What were the goals of nationalists? What were the difficulties they confronted in realizing those goals? Support your interpretation with evidences from different European countries’ experiences. 


2.What were the tenets of liberalism? Who were the liberals and how did liberalism affect the political developments of different European societies during the early 19th century? What relationship does liberalism have to nationalism?


3.Analyze the proletarianization process in the European industrialized society, the new ideology of Marxism, how do Marx and Engels describe the industrialized society and what is their vision for the future of this society.


4.Italy and Germany were unified under the close supervision of individual statesmen.  What were the general strategies of Cavour and Bismarck in the unification process? Which country had more potential for European leadership after unification and why?


5. Why did industrialization not develop in Latin America as it did in Europe and in the United States? Why was foreign capital not used to build an industrial base in any of the countries?


6. Analyze new political and ideological movements developed during 19th century in Europe, and explain their objectives and platforms by supporting with evidences from different societies.


7.Analyze the reforms of military, economic, ideological and political consolidation instituted by Mao Tse-tung in China and the relation between China and Soviet Union.


Nationalism in Europe
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Nationalism in Europe
The interests, culture, language and history of a nation are considered of primary importance. Nationalism is considered as a modern concept of people coming together on cultural and historical bond and having a single organized administration. The ideology resulted in the beliefs that the citizens of a nation should pledge their loyalty to the country rather than their leaders like a president or king. Many nations have found acting independently more preferable rather than internationally, and this has helped many countries free from foreign domination. Nationalism, as explained by Beissinger (1996), is above and beyond power, and power involves politics. Different early theorists of nationalism had different views on the subject matter. Some treated the subject as an ideology as a branch of the idea in history while others treated it as a state of mind to the power of the notions of self-determination that were provoked by the French revolution (Beissinger, 1996). The discussions associated with nationalism are a system of group behaviour that is greatly impacted by the speaker’s perspective.

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