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Women history (Essay Sample)

You should interview at least two women in your family regarding their history of work. Before you begin the interviewing, please read the assigned reading “A Brief History of Working Women”. The idea is to shape the questions you ask during your interviews from the history covered in this reading, along with the textbook readings. The key assignment on the history of women and work in your family is a report which should be composed of the following sections: I. Introduction - start off by telling the reader the highlights about your research and talk about the women, providing us a glimpse of who these women are and their work lives. Give a hint of the interesting findings from your research and how your research relates to the history of women and work in the U.S. in general. II. Broad overview on the cultural/socioeconomic backgrounds and the history relevant to the women in your family, drawing upon the course readings. Use in-text citations wherever you quote or paraphrase material directly from the readings. You should follow APA style for in-text citations, as follows: After your cited text (McKee & Stone, 2007) or, According to McKee and Stone (2007), the gender roles involved ... For a direct quote (McKee & Stone, 2007, p. #) III. Narratives of the work histories of women in your family IV. Relate these histories to key concepts such as the “cult of true womanhood”, sexual division of labor and the gender gap, American individualism, motherhood, extranuptial households, globalization, and discombobulation. Discuss two or more of these key concepts as they relate to the women of your study. V. Conclusion with critical reflections on the scholarship (readings) regarding the history of women and work in the United States. Where do you find the scholarship lacking? What needs to be further researched in the future? How do you position yourself within this historical stream of women and work in your family? Your report should be no less than six and no more than eight pages long, including the bibliography at the end, which should be formatted according to APA citation style. The overall format of the report is 1“ margins, 12pt font and double-spaced. If u can find any thing from the mckee and stone then i will put quotes in after for that. source..

Women History
Name of Student:
Women are considered to be among many other things, inferior of the two sexes (male & female). According to Compton’s Interactive Encyclopedia (1995), they (women), are also considered not only evil, but tempting creatures, a statement quoted in many Greek excerpts of its ancient history. This paper seeks to highlight, not only the challenges women face currently, but also historical approaches to the current and continuous debate of gender equality. Two women were interviewed in an American family setting and their experiences as women in various fields of concern such as work places and education facilities, discussed in detail in relation to the general history of women in America.
When conducting the research, it was striking to note how passionate the women interviewed responded to the questions especially those that touched on marginalization of the womenfolk. It should be noted that in order to avoid biases and one sided narrations, consideration was given to the fact that America is a multi-cultural nation which in essence, meant that for a comprehensive understanding of the history of working women, other races apart from whites, were to be interviewed too. I was fortunate to have been born in an extended family and had a distant aunt who was of African American origin. I coupled her with my father’s eldest sister and I had all the subjects needed for the interview. For purposes of identification, I will proceed to name them Mandy and Jenna (not their true names), respectively. Both of them currently work, although Jenna is retiring very soon. Mandy is 54 years of age, married, a mother of three. In addition, she is also a professional nurse at St. Georges Hospital. On the other hand, Jenna is 60 years of age, divorced, has a daughter and works for an advertising company as the public relations officer.
Since Jenna lives close to my neighborhood, I found it more logical to interview her first though Mandy’s questioned covered most of my total interview questions. Jenna presented some rather interesting facts about the wage gap in America. From her responses, it was easy to deduce that the male sex seemed to earn more than the female sex because of the perception that women worked lesser hours than men. According to her, it is this perception that later formed the basis for the slogan “equal pay for equal work”. From research conducted on this particular topic, it seemed that the wage gap though largest between white men and white women, was replicated in other races thus making men the highest paid gender. Marginalization extended to the extent of women being viewed as the weaker gender thus providing space and grounds for sexual harassment in workplaces. From Jenna’s depiction of the history of women, she seemed to elicit some disappointment probably because most of her male counterparts had achieved a higher status than her (qualifications not withstanding), while she slowly strived to ascend the job hierarchy. She mentioned these frustrations as part of her decision to venture into private business.
My second interviewee was Mandy. It is important to note that though they lived not so close to each other, it was deliberate of myself to have separate interview sessions so as to prevent the withholding of any relevant information that might have made one of them uncomfortable, bearing in mind that they are from different races. Contrary to Jenna, Mandy thought much had been done to improve the status of women in America. Black women were now viewed equal to white women. She gave credit to globalization as something that had opened many opportunities for women to work outside America and thus prosper. She mentioned h...
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