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William Shakespeare’s Inspiration for Romeo and Juliet (Essay Sample)


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The two courses has an overlie part (similar), teacher said we can hand in one paper in two courses. Therefore, I uploaded two syllabus from each courses, the requirement was attached as the format of picture, which has 4.
The requirement is that this paper must meet both criteria, in reality, both requirements are similar.
Then, I already done the presentation part, just only has to do the essay.


William Shakespeare
Institution of Affiliation
William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet
A conflict arises between Capulet and Montague, the noble families in the city of Verona. Benvolio takes it as his role to stop the conflict but he is too embroiled in the fight. With the rising cases on violence in the city of Verona, prince Escalus takes action to stop the conflict and violence by telling the citizens that whoever is involved in the violence legal action will be taken against them. Another character by the name Romeo, son of Montague is introduced and he is in love with Rosaline. Romeo confides in his cousin Benvolio and tells him that he is in love with Rosaline who does not care about his affections for her. Benvolio advises Romeo to forget about Rosaline but he does not give up CITATION Spa07 \l 1033 (SparkNotes Editors, 2007).
Juliet Capulet a thirteen year old girl from the Capulet family has heard that Paris most eligible bachelor has an eye on her. They decide to call on a party at the Capulets house. Romeo and his friends decide to crash on the party because Rosaline is on the guest list and therefore it could be easy for them to go into the party. While at the party Romeo falls in love with Juliet instantly but they are held back by the fact that they come from two rival families. However, being two young people they organize to have wedding done for them. Juliet drops her idea of Paris. What follows later are the conflicts between Montague and the Capulet families as one of the cousins of Juliet from Capulet family did not like the fact that the Montague family crashed on their party. Tybalt Capulet kills Mercuito and Romeo revenges by killing him resulting to series of conflict as he is to be imprisoned by the lord for his actions. This causes confusion to Juliet who learns that their wedding with Paris was in two days’ time as organized by the lord. She hides in Friar Laurences house so that she will marry Romeo. Friar gives him a concoction that will render her death for 42 hours so that she does not wed Paris. Romeo receives the news that Juliet is dead and he blames it on Paris and kills him. He too kills himself just next to Juliet, when Juliet wakes up he too kills herself having lost Romeo, her lover. The circumstances surrounding the death of the couples result to the end of the conflict between the Montague family and the Capu...
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