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HOA 105 Arts & Ideas I. History assignment. The Virgin and the Child Majesty (Essay Sample)


i'll upload the instruction. the thing you need to read is in the following 3 websites.
choose one artwork to describe:
Terracotta krater, c. 750-735 BCE, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Virgin and Child in Majesty, c. 1175-1200, Metropolitan Museum of Art


HOA 105
Arts & Ideas I
Fall 2020
 Instructions for Writing Assignment #1
The Art of Describing
The ability to articulate what you observe in a work of art or architecture is one of the most important keys to success in an art history class. In this course you will be expected to identify the formal and stylistic qualities that are particular to various historical periods or geographical regions (or both). When writing a comparison of two sculptures it is not enough to say that the treatment of drapery or hair on the two works is similar or different. What exactly is it that makes them the same? What exactly is it that makes them different? The purpose of this assignment is to hone your powers of observation and descriptive writing skills so that you can apply them to exams, quizzes, and future writing assignments.
Read the Introduction and sections entitled Visual Description and "Realistic" on the Writing About Art website. Then choose one of the works of art listed below. If you are in Syracuse, you must write about one of the two outdoor works on campus. Those of you who are remote must select one of the two works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Write a one-page description of that work. Keep in mind that this is not an interpretative paper. That is, you are not expected to place the work in an historical context, discuss who made it, liken it to other works, or make qualitative (good, bad, ugly, beautiful, etc.) judgments about its appearance. Simply describe it using as many specifics as possible in terms of size, medium, color, imagery, etc. It may help to imagine that you are describing the object to someone who cannot see it.
We expect these papers to be well written and well organized. Use clear, precise prose and proofread your paper for grammar, spelling, and typographical errors. You are strongly encouraged to take advantage of the SU Writing Center and/or have your TA look over a draft of your paper.
Due via Turnitin by midnight (11:59 pm EST) on Tuesday, September 1
Late papers or e-mailed papers will not be accepted
Select one of the following works:
For on-campus students:
Ben Shahan, The Passion of Sacco and Vanzetti, 1967, east wall, Huntington Beard Crouse HallIvan Mestrovic, Moses, 1952, cast 1990, sculpture garden between Bowne and Schaffer HallsFor remote students:
Terracotta krater, c. 750-735 BCE, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Virgin and Child in Majesty, c. 1175-1200, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Form and Content:
In addition to the specifications for length and content outlined above, you will be graded according to the following specifications for your paper’s form. Please address any questions you may have to your TA.
Papers must be saved as Word files and the file name must begin with your last name (e.g. Smith HOA 105 Writing Assignment 1.docx)
List (single-space) your name, the course number, date, and the title of your essay at the top left of the pageDouble-space your description and use 12-point Times or Times New Roman as your fontUse one-inch margins for the top, bottom, right, and left (please note that the default margins for Word are 1.25")Revisions:
Students who earn a grade of "B" or below will have the opportunity to revise and resubmit their papers via Turnitin by midnight (11:59 pm EST) on Tuesday, September 15. If you did not hand in a paper on September 1, you may not submit one on September 15.


HOA 105
The Virgin and the Child Majesty
The Virgin and Child in Majesty. It is a wood sculptured made out of walnut. There are some traces of linen, paint, and gesso, although they seem faded over time. The Virgin is holding the child in her laps with its feet hanging. The arms of the child are missing, and they appear to have been broken. The faces of the Virgin and the child resemble each other. The sculpture is brown, but there are traces of the original colors of their clothes. 

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