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International Relations Thinkers (Essay Sample)

This paper is an "Executive Summary" of 5 major writings by 5 different key thinkers in International Relations. Please read each major writings and write an "Executive Summary" for each. The summary should be one to two paragraphs, but if done well, it can be fifteen to twenty sentences in length. The summary should never be more than one side of a notebook paper page. The attachments will be sent to you very shortly. source..

Executive Summary
Professor Name:
(March 5, 2012)

International Relations Thinkers
Constructing International Politics by Alexander Wendt reflected on the promise of the international institutions that were deemed false. Scholars were attempting to address the international relations theory (Wendt, 1995). The theorists developed were not profound and termed as a false promise. This led to critical analysis of the programs involved in establishing the half truths and the prevailing misunderstandings. Misunderstandings are common when scientists originate from different cultures. There are structures that shape the behavior, identities and interests of the actors.
Structures have been identified to oppose rationalism. There are factors put in consideration that makes a single theory from the critical theory (Wendt, 1995). It has been identified that neoliberalism and neorealist apply the game theory that reflects a single theory. It has been noted that some theorist use statists, science, optimist, stress process and some use structured system. Alexander Wendt addressed four issues in international politics namely; assumptions, explaining war and peace, objective knowledge and policymakers’ responsibilities. He continued to extrapolate on the issues from the view of constructivist (Wendt, 1995). This was done in the hope that other theorist would come to agree with the theory. The issues required complex and realistic analysis.
Andrew Linklater, in the article Men and Citizens, in the International Relations, identified with political theorists who differed on the political life and modern social life (Linklater, 1981). The character of Greek polis was subject to communitarian approach. It was believed that Polis reflected harmony that was unsurpassable. This was characterized with intermingling freely with the public institutions. People were able to differentiate individual interests and the interests of the public (Linklater, 1981). The law of polis was identified with freedom. Hegel in his writing indicated that individuality principles are identified with community principles. He continued to lay out a plan of raising good citizens from the modern society.
There were conflicts between citizens and men. Hegel continued to assert that modern system was complex consideration religious aspects, moral aspects and western experience (Linklater, 1981). Issues of universalism and individualism are in conflict and easily identifiable. Andrew Linlater considered rights and duties of citizens, the historical theory of the international reactions and philosophers of the history (Linklater, 1981). He continued to reflect on the three issues in attempting to identify men and citizens in the international relations.
Barry Buzan in the article International System to International Society on Structural Realism and Regime Theory Meet the English School relates with the regime theory and structur...
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