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US Special Operation Forces (Essay Sample)


On this essay I am looking to cover the roles, functions, capabilities and limitations of the US Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and US Navy SEALS. This is not a comparison of the two and rather an overall individual assessment of each. One of your sources is attached.


US Special Operation Forces
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US Special Operation Forces
In the United States special operation forces, there are mainly two groups which includes the US army special forces and the US Navy Seals (Warren, 2019). The Us Army special forces, also known as Green Berets are referred to that name because of their unique service headgear. The Green Berets are a special types of operation force designed to perform nine doctrinal missions. On the other hand, the US Navy SEALS are the special operation force and are a branch of the Naval Special Warfare Command. The Navy seals were created and developed by President Kennedy in the year 1962.
Roles, responsibilities, and duties
The two groups of special forces have different roles and responsibilities which they are required to perform. The US Navy SEALS are trained and taught to operate in all environments ranging from the sea, land, and air and that is where their name id derived from. The main function of the Navy SEALS includes performing small operations that usually originate from the river, ocean, swamp and return to the original places (Greene III, 2019). The Navy duties include capturing and arresting the high value terrorists and enemies in their country and all over the world. They also have a duty of collecting and gathering information and high intelligence by the use if special reconnaissance missions. They carry out missions that involve direct actions that may be against the military targets. They perform underwater missions and the destruction

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