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UNESCO Assignment: The Colosseum Amphitheatre (Essay Sample)


UNESCO Assignment:
Pick a city or landmark from one of the eras we have discussed. Next complete the following. Write a short overview of the city, or landmark (three paragraphs or so). Include the following. A) Geographic location (present-day country) B) Brief history of the city or landmark (make clear its historical and urban significance) C) Noted architecture and design Next write a paragraph or two of why you picked that particular city/landmark Total paper should be about 500 words. Points will be deducted if it is less than 300. Paper must be double spaced and 12 inch Times New Roman font. You must have a minimum of one additional source aside from UNESCO. Source must be reliable (i.e. book, academic journal, etc.). Do not use Wikipedia.
Grading for UNESCO assignment: A maximum of 1 point for a cover page (your name goes on this page) A maximum of 8 points based on the UNESCO site you researched and analyzed A maximum of 4 points for your opinion section A maximum of 2 points for your reference page and the additional source.


UNESCO Assignment: The Coliseum
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UNESCO Assignment: The Coliseum
National historic landmarks include buildings, objects, sites and structures that have been recognized for their outstanding historical importance. These places are held with such high regard because they may be places where prominent people lived or worked, or their outstanding design or construction, places where important national historical events occurred and or maybe places that characterize a people's way of life(Moore, 2010). UNESCO in collaboration with national governments ensures that these historic landmarks are well preserved and protected. Italy is a country that is blessed with famous landmarks, historic cities, and stunning landscapes and offers so much attraction to travelers. The Coliseum/Colosseum is one historic landmark in Italy that has withstood the test of time.
The Coliseum is an oval Amphitheatre built at the heart of the Italian Capital of Rome east of the Roman Forum. It was commissioned around AD.72 by Emperor Vespasian and opened in AD.80 by his son and her Titus as a gift to the Roman people. It was further modified when Domitian was ruling between AD.81-86. After its completion, it's estimated that the Coliseum could hold between fifty thousand to eighty thousand spectators. Croci mentions that “the Coliseum unlike many other amphitheaters built before is a free-standing structure made of just stone and concrete. Its distinctive exterior has three stories of arched entrances and each story contained columns of different styles. At the entrance of the Coliseum was the arch of Constantine built in honor of Constantine for his victory against Maxentius” (Croci, 2013). It is said that the audience sat in the Coliseum, according to their social rankings in space like sardines and were protected from the hot Roman sun by unfurled awnings (Croci, 2013).
The Coliseum was actively used for

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