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Uganda. Uganda’s Culture and Art. History Assignment. (Essay Sample)


Africa has four Nobel Laureates for literature and a rich and varied artistic heritage. Examples of well-known annual African cultural festivals include Fespaco, the continent-wide film festival in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso, Poetry Africa in Durban, South Africa and the Zanzibar International Film Festival in Tanzania.
1. Colonial impact on art and culture:
How does the art and culture of your country reflect colonial impact? State how colonialism has impacted the following:
the languages of your country (e.g. their use in schools as languages of teaching and learning, their use in government for statecraft, their use in business, etc.)?
the literature of your country?
the film of your country?
the festivals of your country?
the music and dance of your country?
the cuisine of your country?
the major religions of your country, e.g. Are there signs of religious syncretism?
2. Leading/notable influences on art and culture and their works (identify 3 for each category):
Who are the leading or notable influences of art and culture in your country - what are some examples of their work and what is the impact of their work both locally and internationally?
Who are the major writers ... what are some examples ... what is their impact locally/internationally?
Who are the major artists ... what are some examples ... what is their impact locally/internationally?
Who are the major film makers ... what are some examples ... what is their impact locally/internationally?
Who are the major musicians ... what are some examples ... what is their impact locally/internationally?
3. Conclusion:
Using all the data and analysis you have done pertaining to the above questions, write a conclusion addressing how culture in your country can play a role in economic and social development.
4. Other Requirements:
Referencing: Evidential Proof of sources used: Paper should be supported by evidence and quotations from sources. At least THREE sources with APA citation at the bottom of the report, Variation in selection of sources. (You can access APA citation style information at http://guides(dot)libraries(dot)psu(dot)edu/apaquickguide (链接到外部网站。))
Organization of text: Well organized, detailed and logical/cohesive arguments addressing relevant issues.
This assignment will be submitted using Turnitin, which is built into each of the Country Research Project dropboxes. Submission instructions for Turnitin can be found on the Turnitin User Guide.


Uganda’s Culture and Art
Institution Affiliation:
Uganda’s Culture and Art
Colonial impact on art and culture influences several activities such as schooling and languages taught in schools. The British colony introduced cotton as the main cash crop, and Christianity turned Buganda’s from worshipping their initial and ancestral gods. Currently, Uganda’s teaching and communication language is mainly in English. Though some live in rural areas whose communication is in Buganda, education enlightened a large population who communicate in English. The government is committed to making sure that citizens receive services and service delivery in languages they understand. To enhance bilateral trade, Uganda adopted Swahili as an optional language in East Africa.
To explain literature in Uganda, writers of both books and poetry outlined how history impacted growth in the country and how the same literature shapes an individual. Literature highlights some of the worst experiences Ugandans went through (Mwanika et al., 2020). British classics are selected in Uganda’s literature, which currently has two books in the O-level and the other one in A-level.

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