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Thought paper History Essay Research Paper Coursework (Essay Sample)


Please see the requirement in the attachment. There are six reading from week 2-week 4 you can choose to read and write the paper.


AFS 101 Handout: Thought Papers Every several weeks you are required to write one 1000 word thought paper on the previous weeks’ period of readings from A Turbulent Voyage. They should include your thoughts about the major arguments/themes/theses of the assigned reading(s) using the questions at the end of the chapter to guide your discussion and which you should answer. These will be graded on a 0-5 point scale. Thought papers should focus primarily on at least one of the readings for each week (for a total of 2) from the previous period. Begin by clearly identifying the issue on which you are going to focus. Discuss how the different essays approach this issue. If there are differences between the authors, please highlight these. If you disagree with the authors, please highlight this. The best response papers will relate each week's readings to larger issues and themes in the course. The bulk of the Thought Paper will consist of a critical response to the readings. Please focus on one CENTRAL issue in each week's readings that runs across multiple readings. You should spend some time identifying this topic and thinking about what the authors say about the topic before you sit down to write your final draft. ALL RESPONSES MUST INCLUDE SPECIFIC REFERENCE TO THE READINGS. Each essay should be 1000 words in length, or approximately 4 pages. The essay should be written using Times New Roman, 12 point font, and should be double-spaced. It should also include the following: 1. Your name, the date, and the course number in the upper left hand corner of the first page (Africana Studies 101 2. If using direct quotations, citations should be made using the APA-standard format for non-fiction writing. (see a basic college writing style guide for directions) 3. At least one direct quotation from each reading (FOR A TOTAL OF TWO). 4. Must discuss at least TWO readings of your choice, one from each week. These writing assignments are not research papers – you should not have to do additional reading other than that which has been assigned throughout the course. The purpose of the assignment is for each student to demonstrate that they have read and analyzed the course material in a way that pertains to the major themes discussed both in class and in the reading. Here are some things to ponder as you think/ read/ write: What is the author's argument? What evidence does the author provide to prove his/ her point? What ideas are interesting, valuable or thought provoking in the reading(s)? How do these readings connect with each other? Do you agree with the author's assumption? If not, what is your critique of the argument? Papers should be submitted to the Blackboard Discussions tool as a (MS Word or PDF) file attached to your post by at class time. *Blackboard does not yet support pages for Macs. Cut and paste into Bb. DUE: SAFE ASSIGN ON BLACKBOARD (SEE SYLLABUS FOR DEADLINES)


Thought Paper
Thought Paper
It is crucial to note that people from different parts of the world have their histories which define them, the African history is essential to all individuals of African descent both in Africa and in other regions across the world. It is, however, necessary to comprehend that this has not been the case with the African history, which faced inadequacies of treatment. This is a critical issue because while the history of other countries is being upheld and explored, African history is regarded as insufficient and deficient. For instance, international students in the United States are required to study American history for them to undertake particular degrees; this is one of the various ways that are used by different countries in promoting their history to foreigners. The literature examines and evaluates the inadequacies of the treatment of African history.

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