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-Please write one page for each question as separate topics. Throughout the term Professor has stressed independent thinking supported by clear arguments and good, substantive evidence. In the midst of a lecture she would ask you to consider: “Do you agree with this architect's ideas?” or “In what other way might we consider this example (of architecture, of urban design, of user agency, etc.)?” This final assignment simply asks that you do what we have been doing throughout the entire class: thinking about architecture, its forms and contents. This should be about history of architecture by thinking through these topics: Avant‐Garde/ Modernism/Politics: redux ,Making the Tradition ofModernism: exhibitions,books, and polemics ,CIAM:Dissemination of Modernism ,Housing the Colonial Subject, Form/History/Rationalism ,Systems and Cybernetics, Program, Scale & Event Territory vs. Narrative ,Systems and Cybernetics -This writings should be like an argument in order to answer these questions by discussing about different ideas. -It should be like a criticizing different aspects in this area Thanks a lot, Sepideh source..

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(19 March, 2012)
Architectural Form
Architecture is considered as being the process and product of a good plan, design as well as construction. In determining appropriate form for a community center, we can use the purpose of the form. Structures have different forms depending on the space availability, symmetry, scale, along with proportion. As a result, we can determine if the form fits the community center by critiquing the above named elements. In case the form is appropriate for its usage, then the form is appropriate (Gunnar 1994).
In the process of establishing such a determination is based on recounting of art and the history of the community center. Moreover, one has to consider cultural, societal, political, and technical aspects of the form being proposed. Basically, a good building is based on durability, utility and beauty. In durability, one has to ensure that the building materials will make the building last longer while still maintaining the same shape. Concerning utility, the form should allow the users to interact freely with it while using it. Lastly, beauty means that, the form should not just be an art; it should posses the ability to gratify the eyes of many.
Though structural and esthetic considerations as a whole subject to functionality were achieved by the skeptics and popularities, the process of fulfilling the current principles in buildings is to be constructed in a manner that is environmentally sound, particularly in terms of material production, its effects on nature, site selection, and developing the environment of the site (Alice 2007).
Various studies dealing with behavioral, social and environmental sciences were carried out, and recommended various aspects in the design process. As building designs started to bec...
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