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Has The Third Party in American National Politics Been Historically Unsuccessful in Elections? (Essay Sample)


Write a formal deductive essay, 1-2 pages long, based on the subject of critical thinking, logic, and rhetoric. Topic: Has the third party in American national politics been historically unsuccessful in elections? If so, why? If not, why not? Include a title page and reference page, but exclude table of contents. Page count does not include either the title page or the reference page. Use at least 2 but no more than 5 references with at least 1 reference from an academic journal article (use the Touro library databases). Writing expectations include competency in the following: Sentence Structure Verb Tense and Agreement Pronoun Use Punctuation Spelling Introduction & Conclusion Do not use "too many" quotes and do not use any long quotes. I would rather have you paraphrase the authors. Besides, quotes do not count toward your page total (and I know you can do a better job paraphrasing)! If you use a quote from an author, you must provide a page number


Has the third party in American national politics been historically unsuccessful in elections? If so, why? If not, why not?
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The third party in electoral politics refers to any other party contending for votes and has continuously failed to outpoll its two major rivals in elections. In the American context, the third party refers to any other party running for polls apart from the two major parties, namely the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Historically, American third parties have been unsuccessful.
Third parties in the USA have minimal chance of being elected into office. Several reasons are associated with this trend. The two popular parties forged their way during the ratification of the constitution debate. On one side were the Federalists and the other, the anti-federalists. The main reason third parties have been unsuccessfu...
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