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The Industrial Revolution (Essay Sample)


Write a brief essay outlining the revolutionary aspects of the Industrial Revolution including:
Its positive and its negative effects
The status of women
The lives of the factory workers
The contrast between industrial and rural agricultural work
How the industrial revolution influenced the development of your career industry


Industrial Revolution
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Industrial Revolution
The industrial revolution had positive and negative consequences. An important benefit was the creation of jobs. Factories in the cities created jobs. In addition, industrial revolution resulted in the expansion of the transportation network. On the other hand, some negative consequences include environmental damage and exploitation. During that time, there were no rules on the use of resources; thus, there was significant damage on the air and environment (Wyatt, 2009). Still, there were no rules guiding payment, which saw to the exploitation of the workers. One unexpected outcome of the industrial revolution was the rising status of women.
The owners and operators of the factories preferred employing women to men because they could e...
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