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The Cold War (Essay Sample)


Write a brief essay about the reasons and causes for the ending of the Cold War and the demise of the Soviet Union.
History: Fall of the Soviet Union. This website offers audio speeches, videos and articles on your assignment topic.

The Cold War: The end of Cold War
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The end of Cold War
The Cold War was experienced after the end of Second World War between, “the Soviet Union, its satellites, and the democratic countries of the Western World, under the leadership of the United States” (, 2015). However, the historic event came to end after some years, owing to various factors both economic and political.
The struggle of superpowers between 1945 – 1991 was among the factors that led to the end of Cold War. The factors that speeded up the end of Cold War that included economic decline, insolvency of communist ideology, and the paradigm shift. Even though, the Cold War came to end in 1991, it led to massive destruction of property and human suffering.
Mikhail Gorbachev played a major role towards ending the Cold War; he wanted to reform the Communism and not to replace it. He tried to discipline the Soviet people as a way to overcome the existing economic undergrowth. However, the discipline was not enough to solve the problem. The economic decline led to the end of Cold War owing to the failure of the defense budget to provide adequate health care that led to the increase in the mortality rate.
The Soviet Union was born in the year 1917 after the revolutionary Bolshericks overthrew the Russian Czar under the reign of Vladimir Lenin (, 2015). The Union was established to be the society of the democracy, which failed to succeed. Consequently, the Soviet Union fell in the year 1989 owing to the major reforms of the Soviet president, Mikhail Gorbachev put in place during his 6 years of rule that made members withdraw their membership; the reform...
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