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The 1959 Kitchen Debate (Essay Sample)


Read The 1959 Kitchen Debate and write an essay to explain the debate. Consider the following questions:
1.) What brought Chairman Nikita Khrushchev and Vice President Richard Nixon together?
2.) What was their debate about?
3.) What can it tell us about the scope and nature of the Cold War?


Nikita Khrushchev and Richard Nixon Tour in American Exhibition
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Kitchens in home models usually are not places where renowned leaders debate their issues. However, this is what precisely occurred 50 years ago in 1959 July when soviet leader Khrushchev and United states’ vice president Nixon engaged in hot arguments while they made their tour in the kitchen model of United States National Exhibition in Moscow (Richmond, 2009). It was a grand opening ceremony of the U.S National Exhibition in Moscow when Khrushchev and Nixon argued about communism and capitalism issues. The argument was identified as “Kitchen Debate”, which turned to be one of the great events of the Cold War.
The U.S and the Soviet Union came into agreement during late 1958 to create national exhibitions in their countries as aspects of their new program aiming to promote cultural exchange. In June 1959, the Soviet Union exhibition was launched in New York City whereas in July 1959, the U.S exhibition was launched in Moscow at Sokolniki Park. On 24th July, prior the Moscow exhibition was launched officially to the public, Nixon was the host welcoming the Soviet Union leader at U.S exhibition at Sokolniki Park (Bardin, 2015). Khrushchev’s temper started to flare as they two were in the process of touring the exhibition. As Nixon showed new U.S color television sets and kitchenware devices through demonstration, Khrushchev started his attacks on the famous “Captive Nations Resolution” that the U.S congress passed recent few days before. Such a resolution criticized the Soviet Union’s move for controlling the “Captive” persons of Eastern Europe; the resolution further requested all American citizens to send their prayers so that deliverance of these people may come possible. After Khrushchev condemned the resolution, he scorned at the American technology on display, justifying that the Soviet Union would own the same kind of domestic devices and gadgets within a few years (Richmond, 2009). Nixon was not afraid of...
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