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Slavery and the Constitution (Essay Sample)

Using the materials from your readings and the following three web sites from the Web Links menu, write a two page essay in which you discuss the issue of slavery and the Constitution. African Americans in History: The Revolution Jefferson on Slavery National Archives' Constitution Site Please address the following questions in your essay: Who thought slavery should be abolished? What were their arguments? Who argued for its continuation? How was the issue resolved in Article 1, section 9 of the U.S. Constitution? What other parts of the Constitution addresses the issue (though the word slavery is not mentioned)? Please remember to keep your arguments confined to what has happened so far in class (don't jump to discussing the Civil War and its Constitutional ramifications for example). I will count off points. source..

Slavery And The Constitution
(September 28, 2011)
Slavery And The Constitution
Slavery in America was a form of trade that existed for more than a century in the 1700. Virginia was the first state in North America to acquire slaves from the British in 1619, after a ship arrived carrying a cargo of twenty slaves. The slaves were mainly black "negro" African community that were used for heavy manual labour. They were held by whites. Slavery then spread to various parts of America mainly in the Southern America where huge tracts of land existed for farming. The main crops that were planted in these regions were cotton, sugar, coffee and tobacco. Slavery spread rapidly and continued for a century mainly in the south until the passage of an amendment to the American constitution in 1865. The work of the slaves involved cultivating and harvesting crops. The large groups of slaves who worked in the fields were preferred by the whites because they provided che...
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