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Seven Years’ War History Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


Hi there, the question prompt should be answered in essay-format and contain a minimum of 5-6 paragraphs. In answering the question, you are required to support your claims with historical evidence and analysis. Overall, your objective, in answering the question, is to “respond/ think like a historian,” meaning your arguments and claims should be supported with evidence from primary and secondary sources. PLEASE PLEASE no online sources. IF YOU MUST USE AN ONLINE SOURCE, PLEASE REPHRASE IT AND AVOID PLAGIARISM. Thank you!
Introduction: The Seven Years War (French and Indian War) was sparked over colonial disputes that came to encompass a larger European conflict over territory, trade, and power. The war would have historic consequences such as, the defeat and the explosion of the French from North America as well as it contributed to heightened discourse, among Americans, about the nature of power and its limits. As a result of the war, British American colonists developed a heightened sense of American nationalism and saw the emergence of a unique American identity.
Question: How did the conflict over contested land and trade lead to the outbreak of the Seven Years’ War? What were the outcomes for the participants involved in the North American theater of the war? At the end of war, what were the general problems the British faced from the American colonists? And, why did this war help contribute to a greater sense of American identity and nationalism?


The Seven Years’ War
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The Seven Years’ War
The Seven Years’ War happened between 1756 and 1763, involving global powers, including France, Great Britain, and their respective allies. The war erupted along the frontiers separating French and British colonies. Initially, the land was occupied by Iroquois, who conquered and used it for hunting. However, the European invasion led to claims by both France and Great Britain on the territory (Baugh, 2014). Both powers had grand ambitions of conquering more land in North America, thus expanding their colonies while also contesting the lucrative trade with the Indians. However, claims by Ohio natives, Iroquois, Indians, and the Europeans brought about a heated rivalry that escalated into the war.
The participants of the North American theatres of the war involved local communities such as the Iroquois, Shawnee, and Delaware, as well as American Indian groups. Initially, these locals sided with the French due to trade commitments, thus leading to victories for the French side. However, with the growing power of the British, the locals signed the Treaty of Easton, thus changing sides and supporting them (Baugh, 2014). As a result, the tribes received some sections of the disputed lands located in Pennsylvania and Virginia. Consequently, the French hold of the region crumbled, reducing their power in the area forcing out of the North American territories.
Despite their success in the Seven Year’s war, the British faced problems with the Native American tribes. Their decision to leave a standing army in this territory further fueled conflicts. The Americans were hungry for land hence took every opportunity to increase their settlements. Despite the Proclamation of 1763 that aimed to restrict the Ame

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