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Revolutionary War (Essay Sample)

Topic: What strategy could the British have employed to defeat us in the Revolution? Make sure you discuss the topic by including the thesis statement (highlight in red, please) and use current reputable sources to analyze the essay thoroughly WITHOUT any type of plagiarism. Use ONLY books and academic articles as sources. Also make sure to use two quotes from songs that relates to the topic. Lastly, ALL APA references and citations must be correct and used properly. source..

Revolutionary War
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Revolutionary war
Revolutionary war involved three navies that interacted to form a central conflict of the war. These groups included those of the Americans, the Americans and those of the British. In addition, there were some other groups apart from the three main groups, which played a role in the war. This navy comprises of American state navies, Dutch navies and the Spanish. The British HYPERLINK "" \o "Royal Navy"Royal Navy primary missions were to finish the international shipping and American local. The British royal navy also wanted to assist the British army with logistics on the war, defend the shipping of America against the American privateers. British navy wanted to prevent the invasion of France in to the Great Britain, and to maintain the supremacy of the navy in the Atlantic (Cogliano, 2009). British navy proved that it was capable of handling all those primary goals. The French role was seen as unremarkable but played a critical role in 1781. It was helpful in defeating the fleet of the British that made the army be trapped at New York tow after the British sought the aid of HYPERLINK "" \o "Cornwallis (page does not exist)"Cornwallis. The small US navy sought to avoid combat and was accustomed primarily against the British ships. In case there was a need of them to use combat, they were well acquainted as exemplified by HYPERLINK "" \o "John Paul Jones"John Paul Jones victory in what is considered as the famed ship-on-ship war of global history. It is evidently clear that the Britons had all the advantages on their side and strategies like using cutting-edge military and heavy artillery to defeat the US in the Revolution.
What strategy could the British have employed to defeat us in the Revolution?<...
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