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What Were Some Of The Reasons For Writing The Constitution? (Essay Sample)


What were some of the reasons for writing the Constitution?
What were the writers tying to correct?
How does the Bill of Rights tie in?
Do you think the Constitution is still valid, or should it be re-written? Why or why not?


The American Constitution
The American Constitution established fundamental laws and the national government of America. It also served as a provision of some basic rights to its citizens. The sole reason the constitution was written was to initiate a powerful federal government for the United States. Earlier on, there were Confederation articles that were governing the nation but were insufficient. The United States was young at that time and thus the conflict of power was eminently inevitable. The constitution thus was necessary to help in the separation of the government powers. Also, the American citizens needed something that could protect their rights and thus the necessity of a constitution. It should be noted that the reason for the constitution creation was not to grant but to protect the rights of the citizens. Some of these rights are the rights to liberty, right to the pursuit of happiness and right to life as in the independence declaration.
The writers of the constitution realized that its human nature for those in power to abuse it. It was thus necessary to come up with a framework that would put into account the human nature to those in the government. The writers of the constitution wanted a written document that would both strengthen the central government but at the same time limit its powers. The main founding fathers of the constitution were more concerned with the fateful acts of the state government than the confederation’s weakness. They felt the state violated the rights of the minors.
The Bill of Rights is in the ten, first constitution amendments. It was written in response to calls from several states concerning the protection of constitution when it came to the liberty of individuals. It gives some specifications of the governmental power prohibition. The state government was violating the rights of the individuals and thus the creators of the constitution found it right that the Bill of Rights be incorporated in the constitution to safeguard the rights of liberty. The Bill of Rights would limit the power of the government on ind...
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