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What Was The Rationale For Bringing Slaves To The Colonies? (Essay Sample)


What was the rationale for bringing slaves to the colonies?
Where did most Africans end up?
What sorts of problems were encountered from when they were brought over, to the jobs within the colonies.


What was the rationale for bringing slaves to the colonies?
The need for slaves in the colonies was mainly down to one thing; the need for cheap, abundant labor. The vast agricultural lands needed a lot of labor, for them to be cultivated and managed properly. The livestock needed people to tend to them on a continuous basis, while cottage industries such as sewing, also needed additional hands to maintain or increase production. The slaves were therefore needed in these colonies for the purposes of providing labor. Areas such as Virginia had vast plantations of sisal and other crops such as tobacco and rice. Its economy was virtually dependent on agriculture. The rationale, therefore, for such a state, was to enhance and sustain its economy too, through its mainstay economic activity, which was agriculture.
The other rationale for bringing slaves to the colonies was the perception or belief that Africans were stronger and more resilient to pests and diseases, compared to the white servants. It is worth noting that before the Africans, the labor was being provided by white indentured servants. These servants didn't use to stay for too long. Most of them died of diseases such as malaria, shortly after getting started. Most of the plantations had swamps that provided rich breeding grounds for mosquitoes, hence sources of malaria. As a result, the white servants were an inconsistent and hen

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