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Racism and Slavery 13th Documentary History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Write a paper that begins with your initial reaction after watching the film.
Answer the following questions in essay format.
1. Have you ever had to confront direct or systemic racism in your life? If so how were you affected?
2. What are your thoughts on the film’s argument that people have been subconsciously conditioned to fear black me at the behest of the media?
3. Prior to seeing the film, were you aware of the corporate interest group ALEC ? After having seen the film, how do you feel about ALEC?
4. What do you think about the present state of American prison system?
5. The film argues that there is direct link between American slavery and the modern American prison system. What is your take on this argument?


Racism and Slavery
Racism and Slavery
Racism is anti-moral and it should not be promoted. The reflection of the hardships faced by African-Americans in slavery triggers negative emotions, resulting in the fear that the population may face worse situations in the future. I have witnessed systematic racism whereby black students are intimidated endlessly throughout their school life. The issue arises from fellow learners and some professors as well. Although the harassment did not impact my life directly, I could see how the individuals suffered and the encounter would always affect me negatively. While some whites did not care about the welfare of blacks, I felt that they needed independence like the harassing race. Having the capacity could help them in solving the numerous problems they faced, aid in opposing slavery and pushing for change and justice. The injustice committed towards blacks was extreme and I would advocate for change. Consequently, the issue has affected my relationship with the race of origin as I see and term them as oppressors. If they could treat someone else badly, then slavery could even affect whites in the future.

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