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Process of Decolonization Following World War 2. History Essay (Essay Sample)


Write a three to five-page paper in APA format that provides an overview of the process of decolonization following World War 2, as well as a more detailed examination of the process in one of the following areas discussed in our textbook: Indochina, Latin America, Africa, the Islamic heartlands.
In addition to our textbook, Heritage of World Civilizations, please cite two additional sources within the text of your paper, and list all of your sources on a separate Reference page. ***I have an online access to this book if needed***


Process of Decolonization Following World War 2
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Decolonization Process after World War 2
European states- Britain, Italy, Germany, France and Portugal – had won the scramble for Africa and had been colonizing the continent from the end of 19th century, Africans were subjected under cruelty, heavy taxes were imposed and many were recruited as soldiers to fight for the European in the second war. The period between 1941-1945 marked the end of world war 2 and gave rise to an important political shift in the world but more so to the African nations. This essay focuses on the era post the Second World War in 1945 which marked the process of decolonization of Africa.

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