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Poster. History of the Catholic Church and Sports. History Essay (Essay Sample)


This order is for a Poster session on the same subject as the 25 pages essay (sport & church)
Please understand that it is more than just "cutting and pasting parts of your research onto the poster board", as stipulated on the assignment.
Moreover make sure to:
-send me the link to the article you will pick as secondary source asked (highlighted yellow).
-please make sure that it makes sense, and is a good introduction to the essay i'll ask from you after; so you will probably have to start working on it too, so that they correlate.
-send me a picture of the layout I should respect, so that the poster flows smoothly.
I've joined the picture of the 25 pages instructions, and the poster's instructions. Please remember that both assignments will be worth 40% of the final grade, and that i unfortunately got a D on the first assignment I've asked from you.
If you need further information let me know.
Thank you.
can you also send me the links of articles, books or any other sources you will use to make the poster and essay, for my understanding of it


Sport and Church
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Many societies around the world have engaged in sporting activities for many years. They have used sports as a platform to not only interact but also compete and where victors receive accolades, prizes and recognition in society. While this is the case, there are narratives that Christians and particularly, Catholics took some time before embracing sports because the body and soul were perceived to be two different entities. It is shared that according to Catholic faithful’s during the early periods, the body was sinful and evil and as such, was always considered to be inferior to the spirit and soul. As such, it was believed that engagement and participation in sporting activities would drive one further away from God and into a life of sin and worldly pleasures. Proponents of this school of thought further note that it is not until Pope Leo III through his Encyclical Letter of 1891 where he encouraged the establishment of Catholic Sports Organizations that Catholic faithful’s begun to embrace sporting activities to develop the youth. However, these narratives are highly believed to be untrue and the correct position is that plays and games were significant components of the early church. The research paper seeks to examine and describe the development of sports in the Catholic faith and provide several factors that support play and games being present during the early church.

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