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Political Parties in the 1790’s History Assignment (Essay Sample)


Trace the origin and growth of political parties in the 1790's. What were the effects of the two-party system on the operation of the Constitution?


Political Parties growth and effects in the 1790's
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Political Parties growth and effects in the 1790's
A political party is a group of people who have joined together with similar views and interest to contest in an election with the hope of winning and taking control of the government. The political party usually have one or several pioneers who mostly are people with a complete different view with the existing political parties (La Palombara, & Weiner, 2015). Many political forms of the government that exist in the world provides different ways of forming political parties.
United States of America has undergone an approximately 220 years of active national politics (Bawn, Cohen, Karol, Masket, Noel, & Zaller, 2012). This time has provided room for many things to happen within the political sphere. The political parties in United State started to form during the struggle to formalization of the federal constitution in 1787 under George Washington's era (Buel, 2015). The difference between of how strong the federal government should be governed and the structure that the government should adopt in power distribution.
Lead by Alexander Hamilton who was the secretary of the Treasury, the Federalist a centralized system of government which was led by one very powerful president (Winter, 2010). The anti-Federalist on the other hand lead by Thomas Jefferson who was the secretary of state wanted the public and advocated for human rights that will help rule from a diverse system of a government rather than the centralized power government advocated for by the federalists (Hoadley, 2015).
From there emerged the two giant political parties according to Kleppner, (2017). Their leaders who were in the George Washington's cabinet continued to seek popularity among the states by mobilizing the citizens across all the States (Rodell, 2017). The Hamilton's supporters who wanted central government system called themselves the “Federalist”. The supporters of Jefferson who opposed the federal constitution called themselves “Democratic-Republicans” (Yeazell, 2012). Despite of parties being considered as disloyalty by many, strong and fierce difference and competition was evident by 1795.
In 1796 the very first national wide election was held which was a competition between the Federalist and Democratic-Republican (Flores-Macias, & Kreps, 2013). Unlike in the 1794 election which despite the party's formation was dominated by state parties and hence not competitive, the 1796 election was very and intensely contested for (Stonecash, 2010).
The Federalist wanted some

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