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Poetry and Architecture in Al-Andalus (Essay Sample)

I need 10 pages on the poetry and architecture in Al Andalusia. You can talk about the type of poetry, the poets, famous poetry and so on. Same is the case with architecture. There can be sub headings. Include and talk about the Islamic empire in Al Andalus and its relation and contribution to poetry and architecture. Feel free to add stuff which you think will expand on the topic. Please message me with any questions regarding the paper. Sincerely Harris Siddiqui source..

Poetry and Architecture in Al Andalus
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(April, 2013)
The history of Al-Andalus has been captivated by great historians for centuries. This refers to the history of an Islamic state and society on European soil. According to Docker and Curthoys, (2010), Al-Andalus is for some historians a puzzle to deal with because its of its contractions, original trends, and its extraordinary history. This state stands out in many aspects that are distinguishable and therefore one needs to approach its contents in different perspectives so as to understand it well. Many sclolaers have been torched by the society that lived in this state by then diue to its open mindedness. The inhabitants of Andalus lived were according to Docker and Curthoys Were Muslims, Christians and the Jews and above all they co-existed in harmony with each other (Docker & Curthoys, 2010). Yet, there were some instances of war which characterized Andalusian history during different centuries.
Different scholars agrees that the highly developed Andalusian culture stood out as one of the most original and unique cultures of the medieval period. According to Docker and Curthoys Al-Andalus was exceptional in that it did not develop ex-nihilo, but instead interacted with other political entities in the Mediterranean World, especially the Maghrib and the Christian kingdoms of the North and even with the Middle Eastern states of the time. To end with, it is important to approach Al-Andalus as a changing happening; this is because this kingdom lasted for over eight centuries (Docker & Curthoys, 2010).
Background of Al-Andalus
In the words of Anderson and Owen, Al-andalus was a name given to the parts of Iberian Peninsula which was under the control of Muslims. It existed between 711 and 1492 which about eight centuries. This region included the province of Umayyan Caliphate which was initiated by Caliph Al-walid1 in the years between 711 and 750, the Emirate of Cordoba in the years between 750 and 929, the Caliphate of Cordoba between 929 and 1031 and finally the Caliphate of Cordoba’s taifa kingdoms in the years in the years between 1031 and 1492 (Anderson & Owen, 2007).
They went further to explain that the kings in these kingdom ensured that the people in the kingdom regardless of their faith lived in harmony; the Christians, Muslims and the Jews who lived here cooperated. This led to cultural exchange and prosperity. For instance, the city of Cordoba became one of the leading cities both economically and culturally in the Islamic world and the Mediterranean basin as different kinds of people traveled from other regions to this place (Anderson & Owen, 2007).
From most of the historians including Fletcher, Barton, and Linehan agrees that this kingdom existed in conflict with its neighbors and mostly the northern Christian kingdoms. The northern Christian latter overpowered them in the year 1085 (Fletcher, Barto...
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