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Why you do or do not think we are in a new Cold War? (Essay Sample)


After World War II, a "cold war" emerged between the "Communist bloc" in the east and the capitalist countries in the West. The major players were the Soviet Union and the United States. Pages 610-615 in your textbook briefly discuss this conflict.  This era ended with the fall of the Berlin Wall (November 1989) and the collapse of the Soviet Union. 
This very short article gives a concise explanation of the arms race and proxy wars during the cold war: 
. Today, it might be said that we are in a "new cold war" between the United States and China. Since global affairs have changed so rapidly -- even within the last six months -- it is difficult pinpoint what is really happening.  The global Covid-19 pandemic has thrown the world into disarray, although some countries blame China, which could also suggest a new cold war.  Do you think we are in a "New Cold War"? .
FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT, write a paragraph or two explaining why you do or do not think we are in a new Cold War.  You should also refer to the textbook, or one of these articles, or find another recent article (be sure to give the link to the article and to cite the author, date, and place of publication).  
.There is no right or wrong answer to this question.  This response report gives you an opportunity to briefly explore this idea and to give your opinion in just a couple of paragraphs. 
You should mention briefly something from the textbook or one of the articles, or anything else from blackboard this semester that you think supports or makes a point about your discussion.
NOTE: Please do not write more than two paragraphs (no more than one page altogether).  Just write a concise opinion report.  Then you can spend the rest of your time this semester working on your research paper that is due during exam week.
This paper is due no later than 11:59 pm on Monday, May 4.
To submit your response paper, click on "Response Paper #2 Submission" above.
Then click on "Text Submission" and paste your paper text in the box.  Please DO NOT type your answers in the "Comments" section.          BE SURE TO CLICK ON "SUBMIT"!
.NOTE: You will be asked to click in the box to allow your answer to be submitted to Global Reference Data.  It is optional..


New Cold War
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New Cold War
Wars of all kinds affect the involved countries to a great extent, economically, politically, and socially. According to Blakemore (2019), the Cold War came up after the Second World War between the western countries led by the U.S and the eastern led by the Soviet Union (currently Russia and Ukraine). It did not involve direct fighting but indirect provocations like the arms race, where the rivalries competed amongst themselves on acquiring more deadly weapons than their counterparts. 

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