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Midterm Essay Exam: The Political And Cultural Achievements (Essay Sample)


What do historians mean by "The Age of Pericles"? What were the political and cultural achievements of this age?


Midterm Essay Exam
Midterm Essay Exam
What do historians mean by "The Age of Pericles"? What were the political and cultural achievements of this age?
The Age of Pericles mainly represents a time in the history of Greece when Pericles was the leader of Athens. Greece is among the earliest civilizations of the world. However, it is through the likes of Pericles that cities such as Athens grew to prominence. Pericles promoted literature, arts, and philosophy and while in power, Athens grew to be a center of democracy, culture, as well as art. He welcomed poets, artists, sculptors, philosophers, and playwrights in the city which helped it grow and blossom as a cultural as well as a political center. The Perilean age did indeed leave a huge imprint which is still evident today.
One of the major political achievements of his age is his introduction of direct democracy. In Athens, Pericles directly got all the adults involved in politics except foreigners, women, as well as slaves. However, the directive above was lenient because some influential women managed to get involved in...
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