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World Civilization: Letter to the Council of Oligarchs in the City of Rhodes (Essay Sample)


choose one of the topic from the three topic (anyone) and include some details and show some researches


Roman Empire
Institutional affiliation
Letter to the council of oligarchs in the city of Rhodes
It would be advisable for you to offer Rome your ships because it is in your best interest. Rome has expanded from just small villages to an empire because of its relentless efforts to get what it wants and good leadership. First, the ships you provide will be exerted in the fight against piracy off the Asian coast. This area has been infested by pirates who rob merchants their products hence threatening the economy of the Roman Empire and that of the Rhode Island at the same time. It is in the best interest of both parties to join hands and fight the common enemy. It would also be essential to become a Roman ally in that you will receive special treatment. The Romans use t...
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