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Lets go Greek (Essay Sample)


After discussing the questions with your group, answer all of the following as completely as possible, using examples from the text. The readings are the .pdf files included with this assignment.
1. Thucydides. Why, according to Pericles, is Athens/Athenians s great?
2. Plato. What kind of guy is Socrates?
3. Aristophanes. Is this a comedy? What does this tell you about women? What does this tell you about sex?


Assignment#2 Lets go Greek
Thucydides. Why, according to Pericles, is Athens/Athenians s great?
In the funeral procession Pericles does not dwell on the defeat of Athens by the more authoritarian Sparta, but rather the city state’s insistence on equality, people and the government. Pericles goes on to emphasize on democracy, which is the respect for the majority with equality and meritocracy practiced in every sphere of public life (Hunt et al., 2012). It is through respect of laws in public life that Athens was set Sparta from the other regions. Additionally, the Athenians had responsibility to respect the law without being compelled. In any case, there was also need to enjoy the beauty and hard work of the people through relaxation, while there was respect of property.
Since the political life in Athens is free, the people were able to participate in public life by giving their opinion, and this would help create a better government system. Even though, the will of the majority influenced public life, the city state is identified as a free and tolerant society that does not harbor remorse even after losing in a battle. Nonetheless, Pericles suggest that people who have no interest in politics in the city state are not useful in the society, and this seems like a contradiction since in a free and open society people should not be compelled to participate in political life.
Plato. What kind of guy is Socrates?
Since Socrates did not record his teachings, Plato sought to record the life of Socrates, in his defense against the charges of atheism as well as his actions to corrupt the youth (Hunt et al., 2012). It appears that Socrates was not directly involved in political activities, living a fairly simple life. Nonetheless, Socrates was preoccupied with public engagement with the people. Socrates ...
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