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Lesson 05 Discussion (Essay Sample)

The Articles of Confederation are looked upon by most historians as a weak document that had to be altered for the country to survive. Considering the events that had recently transpired in the former British colonies, do you feel that this is an accurate statement? Do you think it would have been possible for the United States to pass the present Constitution without first having functioned under the Articles of Confederation? What arguments can you make to support your assertion? source..
Articles of Confederation Name of the Student Name of the Course Name of the Lecturer Date of Submission I agree with the statement that articles of confederation were a weak document that could not hold US together. In the bid to limit central governance, the articles of confederation created a federal government which failed to govern effectively as anticipated. Since most powers were vested on the states, the new government would not regulate trade and levy taxes appropriately. The national government depended on state donations and therefore it had little say on the financial systems of these states. Some states declined to remit funds to the government and instead engaged in tariff wars with one another. As a result, the interstate commerce was almost paralyzed. It should be noted that the articles of confederation ...
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