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Lee Zeldin Self Speech History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


The political point of writing three lee zeldin in the first person is based on the three I sent. You don't have to write the beginning of the paragraph to directly three paragraphs and one point. To be used in the speech. First person! ! !


Lee Zeldin Self Speech
I support the death penalty for federal crimes, and there is a need to continue demonstrating that being tough on crime is a deterrent that is punishment equivalent to the crime committed. While the opponents of the death penalty focus on the human rights issue, they downplay the impact of crime on victims, and the need to improve the safety and security of the society. Even religious books highlight the death penalty as a punishment for the most heinous crime. In other words, having mercy on criminals when they did not have the same for the victims is an injustice, and signals that many more can commit federal crimes without expecting harsh treatment. Even if the death sentence does not dissuade people tempted to commit capital, the increase in arrests and convictions and willingness to hand the death sentence demonstrates that the law enforcement agents are not soft on crime. Rogue law enforcement officers caught falsifying evidence against capital crime suspects also ought to be punished as it is important to be impartial, and I reiterate that death sentence will be used on a case by case basis, and extends to targeting a law killing an enforcement officer, firefighter, or other first responder.

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