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Leaders of the 1960s Rights Revolution (Essay Sample)


Choose one of the leaders of the 1960s rights revolution and outline the individual’s contribution (negative and/or positive) to change in America. Your leader can be from any of the following significant U.S. movements:
- civil rights movement, 
- women’s rights movement,
- gay rights, 
- the anti-war protest, 
Or, you may identify a different movement that occurred during the 1960s, list a leader from the movement, and outline contributions made by that leader.


Leaders of the 1960s Rights Revolution
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Leaders of the 1960s Rights Revolution
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a social activist who fought for the Civil Rights Movement in the United States (Ralph, 1993). During the time, he was seen as the most influential leader of the American Civil Rights Movement whereby he advocated for the end of Jim Crow segregation laws, racial discrimination and eliminated social and economic differences between black and whites.
He used the vision of Non-violent protest to fight for the Civil Rights Movement that made it possible to gain attention from his followers as he urged them to avoid the use of violence while fighting for their rights. This act greatly influenced the society as a whole as the police could not use their force to displace the demonstrators and protestors as it was peaceful. Martin Luther King led to the establishment of Civil and the Voting Rights Act for African - American both in the mid-1960s (Ralph, 1993). These, however, changed the American law and ensured equality as there wa...
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