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Jewish Life in USA and USSR History Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Contrast Jewish life in two of the following countries – Poland, USA, USSR - in the interwar period. In your view, which state provided the best conditions for the fulfillment of Jews’ aspirations as individuals and as a collective? In explaining your position, please be sure to address political, economic, and cultural life (including education, language, and religion) for Jews as well as any other factors you consider relevant.


Jewish life in US and USSR during the Interwar Period
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August 22, 2020
Understanding the cultural, political, and economic context that a population undergoes through history is important for any history student. It allows him, not only to have an idea about the paradigmatic shift that happened in societal views about them but also to know the relationship between historical events and a population’s culture and ideologies. In this paper, the author would like to analyze the differences between the lives of Jews in the US and the USSR during the Interwar Period. This includes factors such as incorporation, education, and economic integration, among others. All in all, the author believes that between the two countries, Jewish life in the United States presents a better environment for both their individual and collective well-being. 
Factors that affect Jewish lives
Demographic Changes and Settlement
One of the significant changes that happened between the Jews living in the US and the USSR was the change in the demographic distribution of the Jewish population following the end of the First World War. As immigrants looking for new places to build their communities and achieve their dreams, these changes in demographic distribution is one of the important things that should be considered. 

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