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Jansen and Osterhammel Reflection History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


First read the file and write the reflection. The professor focus on main point and detiles,
This assignment is intended to provide a reflection on the material and arguments presented in the readings. You should start your reflection with a longer summary of the readings and then focus on the strength and /or weaknesses of the presented arguments (last few paragraphs). Feel free to conclude your paper by commenting on the validity, clarity, and coherence of arguments presented.
Note: 1 Use citation of reading material in the reflection.
2 relate to the Title of reading material, and Highlight the role of the title.
3 when we mention the author, we need to point out she/he name.
4 Once first article is summarized, move on to the second reading.
ProfessorNote: As you can see, the two readings assigned for this week are pretty long and complex. I ask that you focus on the following as you work through the readings. Please, also make sure, as always, to take good notes.
1) Read first the Jansen and Osterhammel reading, followed by the Cesaire reading.
2) Jansen & Osterhammel reading: try to get gain a clear understanding of the broad trajectory of the history of decolonization. Ignore secondary details; focus on the big picture.
The authors tell us that we need to go back to World War I if we are to understand the history of decolonization. Why is that so? What is the history of decolonization? How does it play out over time? What are some of its crucial aspects?
3) Cesaire: there are two part to the Cesaire reading: the very helpful introduction and the actual text written by Cesaire.
Pay special attention to the introduction, written by Robin Kelley, where we learn how to best contextualize the Cesaire text and understand his importance as an anticolonial writer and activist.
Once you feel comfortable with the Kelley introduction, move on to the Cesaire reading.
Your goal is not to fully master the Cesaire reading but rather to be able to identify a few examples in his writing that expand on the Jansen & Oasterhammel reading, as well as on the introductory segment of Kelley reading in Cesaire.


Reflection Paper
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Decolonization has a long history way back during the first world war. The term decolonization is often used to describe the dissolving empire in the political aspect. It is the period wherein colonialism starts to decline. Some define decolonization as shifting to local power from a colonial rule. This does not only deal with the political aspect, but it also encompasses cultural and economic dimensions.
Significant events have significantly contributed to the history of decolonization tracing back to World War I. Decolonization started around this time and progressed rapidly over time, wherein the trend can be recognized after the Second World War. Understanding the history of decolonization, the event since the First World War should be noted. The author mentioned several reasons with this approach – anticolonial unrest, the internationalization of colonialism, and the project and expectations of reform.

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