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Irish in America exam 2 History Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


These are the articles and videos you will be using.
Week 6 (February 17-23): Irish in America
Readings: “Irish Potato Famine: Gone to America” (http://www(dot)historyplace(dot)com/worldhistory/famine/america.htm)
LOC Irish Immigration page ALL PARTS (http://www(dot)loc(dot)gov/teachers/classroommaterials/presentationsandactivities/presentations/immigration/irish.html)
Multimedia: “Stereotyping the Irish Immigrant” (http://www(dot)victoriana(dot)com/history/irish-political-cartoons.html) discuss at least THREE images in your DB response

Week 7 (February 24-March 1): Case Study-The Boston Irish
Readings: “The Boston Irish” (Review) (http://www(dot)h-net(dot)org/reviews/showrev.php?id=2165)
“Curley’s People” (http://www(dot)boston(dot)com/bostonglobe/ideas/articles/2010/01/03/curleys_people/?page=1)
Multimedia: “James Michael Curley” (https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=7d0haLEUY10)
"The Colorful Politician, James Michael Curley" (https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=AQsPuOr9W_Q)

Week 8 (March 2-8): Case Study-The Boston Irish
Readings: “All Souls’ Night” (https://www(dot)nytimes(dot)com/books/first/m/macdonald-souls.html)
Multimedia: “South Boston St. Patrick's Day Breakfast” (https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=ij1fgpBGBgc)

Monday, Mar. 9-Sunday, Mar. 15: Spring Recess—No Assignments Due

Week 9 (March 16-22): The Kennedys—Irish-America’s First Family
Readings: “Joseph P. Kennedy to John F. Kennedy” (http://xroads(dot)virginia(dot)edu/~ug03/omara-alwala/Kennedys.html) ALL PARTS
Multimedia: "Kennedys Don't Cry" (https://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=bRJiUr7m-dI)

Week 10 (March 23-29): Irish-American Music
Readings: “Side by Side: Irish and Jews in American Theater” (http://forward(dot)com/articles/12372/side-by-side-/)
“Irish Music in America: Shamrockabilly...” (http://www(dot)kcet(dot)org/arts/artbound/counties/los-angeles/irish-music-in-america-shamrockabilly-in-the-inland-empire.html)
Multimedia: “Irish-American Music” (http://www(dot)irishamericanjourney(dot)com/2011/10/irish-american-songs.html) Listen to FOUR songs and discuss on Discussion Board


Irish In America: Second Exam                                                                   Spring 2020


The exam will consist of two parts: an objective section of identification and short-answer questions (40 pts); and one essay question (60 points). The exam will be electronically submitted to via the Blackboard hyperlink in the Week 10 module. The completed exam will be due by 9:00 p.m., Sunday, April 5, 2020.


You must submit a copy of your essay along with your short-answer and identification questions (as one document) to your instructor via the Exam 2 hyperlink on Blackboard by the deadline.  Failure to submit the completed exam by this time will result in grade deductions per the Syllabus. Plagiarism reported by will result in no credit for the exam and a formal charge of academic dishonesty filed with the Dean of Students.


Technical issues will not be considered a valid excuse for a late submission.  If you encounter technical problems, contact Helpdesk.  However, they may not be able to solve your problem immediately.  I recommend uploading your exam well before the deadline.  It is also your responsibility to ensure that your upload is successful.  Also, Blackboard allows only one submission, so be sure the document you upload is the one you want me to grade.


You must properly cite your sources in ALL SECTIONS of the exam--essay, identifications, and short-answers.  Citations are required not only for direct quotations, but also for summaries/paraphrases.


 Instructions for Submitting Completed Exam:

1.   Log on to “Irish In America” Blackboard site.


2.   Open the Week 10 module on the left-hand side of the screen.


4.   Locate the “Exam 2” section and click the hyperlink “view/complete”.


5.   Type your name and the title of the document.


6.   Choose the document you want to upload.


7.   Upload your document.


8.  Scroll as needed to click the Submit button.


9.  When you see the “Successfully submitted” prompt, click OK.


Part I: Essay Question


Instructions: The essay must be word-processed, double-spaced, no less than 600 words and no more than 750 words (points will be deducted for essays shorter or longer than the requirement).  Provide the word count for your essay.  Remember to cite all sources in whatever format your are comfortable with—MLA, APA, Chicago—(not only for direct quotations, but for all information that is not “common knowledge.”  In other words, show me where you got the information you are putting in your essay.

The essay question is worth 60 points.  In your essay, you must use specific examples from at least three readings on the course syllabus readings (through paraphrasing, quotes, etc.)   You must also incorporate examples from documentaries and other media in your essay.  Remember, your goal here is to demonstrate that you have kept up with and understood the course materials; as such, frequent, specific, and thoughtful references to the course materials will benefit your grade.


Essay question:

Compare and contrast the three Boston-Irish politicians we studied in this unit: James Michael Curley, William M. Bulger, and John F. Kennedy.  You should consider each man’s relationship to his Irish-American identity; each man’s political career; political ideology; personal/political style; constituency; family background; legacy; and any other issues that you deem relevant.

Part II:  Short-Answer and Identification Questions

To answer the Identification and Short-Answer Questions, you may refer to the Discussion Board responses; the articles we have read for class; and the media we have viewed. However, you may NOT work collaboratively with anyone else on this assignment.  Since space is at a premium, your answers will need to be clear and thorough, yet concise.

Instructions: Choose FOUR of the following terms.  In your own words, briefly define each term, and explain its significance within the context of our class.  You should discuss how we encountered each term (naming and citing specific readings, films, and other course materials).  Your answers should each be approximately four to five complex sentences in length. (5 points each)

-Burns and Allen

-“He did it for a friend”

-Conscription Act of 1863

-Boston Brahmin


-John F. Fitzgerald

-famine descendants


Instructions: Answer FOUR of the following short-answer questions.  Each response should be approximately four to five complex sentences in length and show your mastery of the material covered in class.  This includes referencing (through cited quotations or paraphrases) specific readings, films, and other course materials in your answer. (5 points each)

1.  Explain how Irish-Americans have been stereotyped in the past.  Give specific examples.

2.  How did the Kennedy family rise from humble beginnings to become politically and financially successful?

3.  Briefly explain the Irish-Jewish theatrical connection.

4.  What changes were reflected in John Hynes’s 1949 mayoral victory over James Michael Curley?

5.  What were some specific similarities and differences in the experiences of Irish immigrants in New York City versus those in Boston?

6.  What are some similarities and differences between Irish music in Ireland and Irish music in America?

7.  Would James Michael Curley be able to win an election in 2020?  Why or why not?


Irish in America
Irish in America
Part I: Essay
Compare and Contrast the three Boston-Irish Politicians: James Michael Curley, William M. Bulger, and John F. Kennedy.
James Michael Curley
Curley is one of the most colorful figures among American Political leaders. His parents were Irish immigrants in the United States (Allison, 2014). History shows that his father passed on when he was ten years (Allison, 2014). However, the incident did not affect Curley's political career. As a member of Congress and governor of Massachusetts, Curley ruled with democracy and always worked for the interest of the people. He believed in interacting with the citizens regardless of his position as a leader. For instance, Curley worked to serve and impress only the people who had elected him in place as a Mayor (Allison, 2014). Also, the democratic and equality leader ended the slavery of women bowing to scrub rough floors by setting them free and telling them they should only kneel to God and not for men despite their status in society (Allison, 2014). His personality and aspect of humanity lead him to serve for terms as a mayor of Boston during the first half of the 20th century (Allison, 2014). In addition, some people in America thought and stated that if the leader had lived when television was a popular media, his great speeches and presentations as a leader would have won him the opportunity of becoming the American President.

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